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Learn to Open Your Essays Like a Pro!


Begin an essay with an interesting opening can be a daunting task. You will often find that the blank screen in front of you mirrors the blank one in your mind. Students take a lot of time composing the introduction because they want the start to be different as well as perfect. At times the pressure is such that many will request essay writer.

Yes, this will be the first thing that a reader will read. However, the reader knows how to look for information in the essays and will not spend as much time as you think about reading the introduction. 

The introduction should be efficient and precise, conveying to the readers the introduction about the subject and guiding them, without faltering, to the main thesis of the essay. Take the task of the introduction as one to make sure to guide the reader to the thesis, and to convey the context and background of the topic in a concise manner. 





Here are the guidelines to compose the right introduction: 

The Hook

This takes the pressure off of the writer to make the whole introduction attractive to the reader. The hook comes as a fact, a statement, an observation, or a quote. The purpose of the hook is to evoke an emotional response in the reader, such as shock, sadness, delight, or concern emotions that cause the reader to develop an interest or a need to read the essay

Another style of a hook is the question hook. The question hook asks the reader a question that has a complicated answer. Usually, the reader is enticed to read on to find another version of the answer.

Thesis Statement

The thesis statement is the claim or the argument that you will present in the essay. The thesis statement should answer the ‘Why’ and ‘What’ questions regarding the topic.

  • Why is the subject matter or the argument important, and why it’s significant?
  •  What is the argument or the claim of the thesis?

You shouldn’t feel the need to beautify the language, as being the most important part of the essaywriter let alone the introduction it should be clear, exact, and explicit. You should stay away from making opinions and facts about your thesis statement, as they can’t be defended or argued against.

Thesis Preview or Essay Roadmap

The thesis roadmap comes right after the thesis. It is a statement that included the various arguments and claims that you will present and defend to support your thesis. The arguments are like signposts for readers telling them what to expect from the essay ahead. It will also include how the task of presenting and defending the arguments will map out. The criteria for evaluating the arguments will also be mention along.

Pitfalls to Avoid

Generalizations and sweeping statements

These are broad and non-specific statements that are redundant and have no place in the introduction. The generalization neither talks about the topic at hand or about the thesis. 

Be specific

If you discuss broader topics before honing into the subject at hand (a technique that is taught to most students), you risk the reader thinking the general term is the topic that you will discuss. You should specifically discuss the subject of the topic and give the background information about it.

Avoid using quotations

Quotations are not your own voice. By using them you are telling the reason you couldn’t come up with such a thought through your own effort, and that you merit their words over yours. Use a quote only when it conveys and supports the argument in the best way possible. 

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Ace Your Exam Essay with these Tips


Unlike normal essays or take-home essays, exam essays require a different approach. Timing your writing takes the center stage along with planning for the essay. You will have to write, plan and revise the essay all by yourself, unlike a normal essay where you could request essay writer.

Before you read the prompt and begin the essay process, it is important to read the instructions carefully and understand what the prompt requires from your essay. The essay prompt will be familiar to you, no doubt, but you shouldn’t risk misinterpreting it.

It should be read to extract the primary and the secondary question. The primary question will be what you will direct your thesis. The secondary part of the prompt will specify any criteria set by your instructor for taking on the topic— the methodology, technique, etc.



Pre-writing preparation

Writing the thesis statement

The thesis statement should answer the main part of the prompt. You shouldn’t waste time to get the wording right. You should use the language of the question prompt to write essay for me.

At the end of the thesis statement, you should allow only some time for each part of the prewriting.


Once the thesis is jotted down, it is time to note down the ideas, arguments, or claims that will help you expound on your thesis in the essay. The main points should be divided into sub-points to create a shortlist.


You should spend most of your pre-writing time on this part. This is where you will pour all your ideas forth. Mind mapping is the process where you jot down ideas as they come to you placing them spatially around ideas and subjects.

This web of ideas will grow with the time you spend on it. By the end of it, you will know the heading and subheadings for your essay as well as the examples and evidence for the claims and arguments. 

By the end of pre-writing, you will have a rough outline for your essay, using write my essay make sure that you finish early to allow time for revision. 


Keep the introduction short

The introduction should not drag the topic. Instead, it should get to the thesis statement in a few sentences. You should start the introduction well, but shouldn’t spend too much time if you can’t come up with a good hook. A lengthy introduction will crowd out the main thesis, confusing the reader.

Write to communicate not to impress

Your task is to demonstrate your analytical and critical skills. Unless it’s a descriptive or a narrative essay you shouldn’t fix much attention to beautifying your prose. How accurately you present your arguments matters more. 

Stick to your outline

It is tempting to digress from the main topic while you write, but you should fight against it. Always consult your brainstorming notes and your rough essay outline before going on to new subtopics and arguments. The outline will make sure you have structured your custom college essays right. Keep good care of the flow of logic and information in the essays. Using good transitioning and signposts is a plus point.

Don’t go around in circles

When you are finished with things to say, it means you should end the essay. There is no point in dragging the essay to elongate it. You should not revisit what’s written in the other parts of the essays. After being done with the body of the essay, make sure to provide a concise and simple conclusion. Lastly, avoid the addition of new information.

Set aside time for revision

Set aside at least ten to fifteen minutes for the revision of your essay typer. It should be checked for spelling, grammatical, punctuation as well as structural mistakes.

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Simple Guide to Critical Analysis Essays


A critical analysis essay analyzes works of art such as novels, films, and other essays. When asked to write such an essay you should be prepared to come up with an argument or a claim. It explains or sheds light upon the themes of the work that is under scrutiny or observation.

Many of the works under consideration are produced by people with authority over their subject. This shouldn’t hold back the essay writer to be critical about the work, as most of the time, accomplishments in a field of study doesn’t translate into writing. Writing this is open to criticism.



Methods of Criticism

While going through this, you should open the critic’s eye and evaluate and analyze the work in these categories amongst many. 


This method tries to measure the influence of the academic background of the author on the work at hand. Here you can put forward a claim about the author’s understanding of the subject. To support it, you will say write my essay.


The work under consideration will be checked for its accuracy and the scope of definitions. You should ask yourself the question: does the author clearly define the concept/s? If the author has been vague you should state that and show its implications upon the text. 


You will judge the evidence presented by the author in his or her work. In some instances, the author will try to put forward a claim with little to no supporting evidence. While in others the author will ignore the evidence that is contrary to a claim in the work and weakens it. A keener analysis might also let you catch the author’s bias in several parts of the text too. 


You can further expand upon the work by going into the implications of various claims and arguments. Here, you can question the author whether the implications (good or bad) have been dealt with or not.

Essay Structure

Though these types of essay writing service refrain away from providing summaries, for the benefit and the ease of the reader you will give a brief summary of the work. You will then dive into forming your own argument or opinion about the work. An outline of your claim or argument will help your reader follow your criticism.


The work that will go under analysis will be identified first and foremost. The main idea or the thesis of the work will be mentioned along with structural information.

After informing the reader about the work, you will present your argument and claim. You will need to be precise as well as explicit in doing so. The strategy of your argument and how you will conduct your critique will also be mentioned in the college essay.

Short Summary of the Work

The summary is short and precise, containing only the essentials that would help to explain your claim. It is out of necessity and placed near the start, such that there won’t be any need to summarize any part of the work for the reader in the rest of the essay.

The Claim

Your claim should take up most of the essay. The body paragraph will have various arguments and claims that support your college essay help for thesis. You will mention the author’s original work when you state your claims about their invalidity. Be careful, however, not to overpopulate the text with the original work as the readers are interested in your claim, not the original one.


Take the reader briefly over the main arguments that you proposed (do this without referring to the text under scrutiny). 

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The 10-Step Effective Peer Review Strategy


To be an effective peer reviewer you will have to be well versed in various types and styles of essay writing. A peer review doesn’t just involve the optimal placement of ideas, correcting grammar, and fixing punctuation mistakes. But it involves looking our for logical fallacies and providing feedback on the strength of the content and the accuracy of reasoning. 

Though the peer-reviewing process and the feedback, the essay writer can see the mistakes and faults that he or she made in the essay. The writer will thus, not only enhance the essay but also learn the areas of essays that the peer-reviewing targets moving a step closer to peer review for others.

By developing the peer reviewer’s eye for detail and errors you can always improve your own essays. Not every good essay writer is a peer reviewer, but every peer reviewer is a good essay writer. 



The ‘Why’ question

It is important to know by, reading the introduction, why there was a need to discuss the topic at hand. The reviewer will write my essay for me successfully about the significance of the topic at hand. Most importantly, it should communicate to the reader why it’s worth the reader’s attention. This can be the presence of a hook or other background information in the paragraph.

Thesis Statement

The thesis statement should be at the end of a build-up and the essay should be checked for. This gives the thesis it’s due center stage and makes it prominent in the introduction. The reviewer will look for the discernibility of the thesis statement. 

The thesis statement should be checked if it introduces the claim or the stance taken by the wite my essay. Remember, that the thesis should never be a statement but a claim that the writer has the intention to prove.  


The methodology of convincing the reader about the claim should be explicitly stated. The reviewer will look for the presence of an outline for the readers to follow as move onto the body paragraphs. 

Background information

The background information should be checked for involving information about the topic that hints at the need for further probing into the subject. It should not include any extra or redundant information, and every sentence and word should work to bring the topic from a general to specific.


The presence of topic sentences at the start of the paragraphs will be checked. The body paragraphs should have a logical flow — e.g moving from the point of least important to the most important. 

The evidence will be scrutinized and it should be credible enough to show by free essay writer. Other than that it should be clear that the evidence earns its place by supporting the claims.

Counter Arguments

The counter-arguments should be credible and should work against the main thesis. The counterargument will then be checked for its validity during the review process. It is important to make sure that the thesis will always be superior in context to the counter-argument. 


The conclusion should drive the message home by repeating the main claims in light of the thesis. The reviewer will check for any form of a call for action in the conclusion. It should hint at future developments or a need for further research and work into the topic at hand.


The citation should follow both directly quoted text or text that takes an idea from another’s work. The citation should be in a single format throughout. 


The reviewer will make sure the custom college essay has no grammatical errors. The pronouns should always refer to the correct subject, the voice should be active; the sentence structure should not impede the readers understanding. 

Spelling and word-choice

There shouldn’t be any typos and errors and the word choice will always the strongest with strong nouns and strong verbs.

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Write Brilliant Essays with these Simple Tips

Write Brilliant Essays with these Simple Tips

People at times difficult to improve their essays beyond a point. When you are just starting writing academic essays, small tips tend to improve your essays greatly. However, as you improve your writing the small tips tend to have little impact on your essay writer. Your focus on improvement gradually goes from the general to the specific as you improve your essay writing



Here are some useful tips that many essay writers have found useful.

  • The three things that define the essay are research, structure, and argumentation. You should give more priority to improve these parts of your writing. Each is dependant on the other, so it is advisable to work to improve the three together. 
  • If you are given the task of choosing your essay topic by essay writing service, then you shouldn’t take the matter lightly and choose a topic at the last minute. The process of choosing a topic should start early on and should involve the process of elimination. Some students go as far as researching the prospective topics before choosing the right one.   
  • Read and dissect the essay prompt. Ask the question of ‘Why the essay topic is of any importance, ‘How are you expected to present your argument’, and  ‘What are the assumptions of the prompt’.
  • Try not to overwhelm the reader with complicated ideas and terms that the common reader might not be familiar with. You should also try not to patronize the reader with oversimplified terms and ideas. Try to find a balance: Assume that the reader is intelligent who has the knowledge and understanding to make sense of the main arguments.
  • Try to submit your paper according to the format that you have been asked to deliver. Ask around if you are unsure about the format and don’t wait for the deadline to submit your paper. However, try to submit it ahead of the deadline as this gives additional time for the instructor to analyze write my essay
  • Develop a thick skin and don’t get disheartened by bad feedback or things not going according to your expectations. Try to use the criticism to good use as you improve your writing for the next essay.
  • Make full use of punctuation when writing your college essay. The reader or your evaluator loves the variety in the sentences and good use of punctuation is a plus point. For example, use semicolons and colons to join sentences sharing the same subject matter.
  • Try to perfect your writing by cutting the clutter, adding the right information, and asking probing questions about your writing. Approach your arguments, your counters, the evidence, and analysis with asking yourself the following questions:
    • What do I intend to convey?
    • Does it convey what you intended it to?
    • What words can express it better?
    • What other examples and evidence I can use? Is it potent enough?
  • Avoid using cliches as with the fast sharing of information online. Each and every style that has been used or overused before will be noticed. It will leave a blemish upon the effort you put into your writing. Write bad but don’t use trite and overused ideas.
  • Some additional tips: You shouldn’t use contractions at all in your writings as it goes against the formal tone of the online essay writer. Also, you should avoid talking to the reader in your essay, as it too makes the writing sounds informal. When it comes to acronyms, the general rule is to mention it in full form followed by the acronym on its first mention. You shouldn’t abbreviate in the formal essays and write the full form instead, for example instead of ‘e.g.’ you should use ‘for example’.

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