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Write Brilliant Essays with these Simple Tips

Write Brilliant Essays with these Simple Tips

People at times difficult to improve their essays beyond a point. When you are just starting writing academic essays, small tips tend to improve your essays greatly. However, as you improve your writing the small tips tend to have little impact on your essay writer. Your focus on improvement gradually goes from the general to the specific as you improve your essay writing



Here are some useful tips that many essay writers have found useful.

  • The three things that define the essay are research, structure, and argumentation. You should give more priority to improve these parts of your writing. Each is dependant on the other, so it is advisable to work to improve the three together. 
  • If you are given the task of choosing your essay topic by essay writing service, then you shouldn’t take the matter lightly and choose a topic at the last minute. The process of choosing a topic should start early on and should involve the process of elimination. Some students go as far as researching the prospective topics before choosing the right one.   
  • Read and dissect the essay prompt. Ask the question of ‘Why the essay topic is of any importance, ‘How are you expected to present your argument’, and  ‘What are the assumptions of the prompt’.
  • Try not to overwhelm the reader with complicated ideas and terms that the common reader might not be familiar with. You should also try not to patronize the reader with oversimplified terms and ideas. Try to find a balance: Assume that the reader is intelligent who has the knowledge and understanding to make sense of the main arguments.
  • Try to submit your paper according to the format that you have been asked to deliver. Ask around if you are unsure about the format and don’t wait for the deadline to submit your paper. However, try to submit it ahead of the deadline as this gives additional time for the instructor to analyze write my essay
  • Develop a thick skin and don’t get disheartened by bad feedback or things not going according to your expectations. Try to use the criticism to good use as you improve your writing for the next essay.
  • Make full use of punctuation when writing your college essay. The reader or your evaluator loves the variety in the sentences and good use of punctuation is a plus point. For example, use semicolons and colons to join sentences sharing the same subject matter.
  • Try to perfect your writing by cutting the clutter, adding the right information, and asking probing questions about your writing. Approach your arguments, your counters, the evidence, and analysis with asking yourself the following questions:
    • What do I intend to convey?
    • Does it convey what you intended it to?
    • What words can express it better?
    • What other examples and evidence I can use? Is it potent enough?
  • Avoid using cliches as with the fast sharing of information online. Each and every style that has been used or overused before will be noticed. It will leave a blemish upon the effort you put into your writing. Write bad but don’t use trite and overused ideas.
  • Some additional tips: You shouldn’t use contractions at all in your writings as it goes against the formal tone of the online essay writer. Also, you should avoid talking to the reader in your essay, as it too makes the writing sounds informal. When it comes to acronyms, the general rule is to mention it in full form followed by the acronym on its first mention. You shouldn’t abbreviate in the formal essays and write the full form instead, for example instead of ‘e.g.’ you should use ‘for example’.

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