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Pietro Jona created Human’s Point, a society based in Rome (Humans Artis) and Madrid, and its international network of artists with whom he produced and directed his first social movie experiments called HUMAN’S Y2K in 2000 and MOVE (WHERE ARE YOU GOING?) in 2004. He directed feature-films, video-installations, documentaries, corporate and industrial videos and TV programmes (Gli Sgommati, on SKYUNO). Along with its founder, film-director Pietro Jona, the company is made up of a successfully established network of international artists as well as business partners and other collaborators. Human Artis was set up in the wake of the development of the documentary ‘Humans Y2K’, playing out a cross-section of the people around the world on the occasion of the millennium-change. The documentary was realised thanks to the videos coming from 15 countries in 5 different continents to which many people contributed and currently represents the first example of collective creativity and shared production on the web. The same rational was used for another feature film in 2004 called MOVE! (WHERE ARE YOU GOING?) through which a new production modality was initiated, which is currently known as ‘social movie’. The film, being full of potential, toured Festivals around the world and was screened by Notodo for free. Pietro Jona is now producing and directing the contemporary art project Reaction Roma at the Macro museum of contemporary art in Rome.
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