Nome: nicola spadea
Professione: imprenditore sportivo-turistico-ricreativo
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• President of a.s.d. L’eclipse, association that promote sport & health by open air activities: watersports courses, rentals and trade of sports items. 2005-2018. • Watersport stage organizer, Porto Pollo- Sardinia, may 2015. • Employed as Physical Education professor in school and high school, Italy, 2013. • Postural training classes to people with: postural disease, muscle stiffness, sedentary habits and orthopaedic problems, 2013. ù • Apprenticeship of intervention with people affected by: Autism, Down syndrome and Asperger’s syndrome with the University of Huelva, 2012. • Board and Sails repairing, 2012-2017. • Apprenticeship of wellness with the University of Cassino, we used tools as K4, treadmill, myo-test, strength platform to measure the wellness status of common people: first, during and after a programmed training, checking if the training could be effective, 2010. • Landscaping - Maui- Hawaii 2010 • World wide windsurfing teacher in events at all levels from beginners to advance: Maui, kahana surf school, xraytalentfactory, Vasco Renna pro center Garda lake, Puzziteddu Reef windsurf school Sicily, Murta Maria windsurf school Sardinia, El Cabezo, Tenerife. 2005-2008. • Barman freelance summer 2005. • Manager and instructor for Klaton srl water sports club in Formia, Italy, 2004-2017 Volunteering: • Representative for Sport in Formia, ProLoco 2017 • Event organizer for sustainable world, “Beach Cleaning” 2013-2016 Sport activity: ● Professional windsurfer
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