Emanuela Caponera

Emanuela uses visual communication and illustration to redefine a pub’s image and to transform it in a brand.

Federico Rebecchini

Slow and monochromatic traces. Federico Rebecchini pours imagination and inspiration onto the page, hidden in plain sight.

Pomezia Light Festival

A spectacle of lights and digital arts, 3 days of events and 14 installationsin the city’s streets and buildings.


In Rione Monti there is a new creative Centre. An interdisciplinary space where architecture, art and design live side by side.


A bimonthly cultural magazine is published digitally and on paper in Latina and promotes the integration of the arts.

Simona Merlini

Il progetto di Simona Merlini: ideazione e realizzazione grafica del logo e delle etichette di una birra artigianale.

Lorello Francesco

Ogni creazione ha un design unico. Francesco lavora il legno e lo fa con una collaboratrice di tutto rispetto: la natura.

E-Cor Ensemble

A team from Latina offering electroacoustic
music based on experimentation with new
sound languages.

Camilla Trani

Photographs in urban settings,
with unaware subjects, with a camera
hidden by reflecting glasses.


An innovative Startup that puts technology
at the service of art thanks to fluorescence
and ultraviolet reflectography.

Gu- Generazione Urbana

Dissemination project that began in Rome,
to promote the urban culture and the city
dwellers’ awareness of their role.

Ondadurto Teatro

A company with its head and its heart in
Lazio, which has found its true experimental
stage worldwide.

Aurelio Valentini e Mauro Pascucci

Aurelio’s enthusiasm and Mauro’s experience merge into a project centred on monumental trees.

Giulio Sbarigia

Designer Giulio Sbarigia’s challenge
to fashion designer brands starts with
a revolutionary minimalist accessory.

Ilaria Aprile and Davide Gallina

A new model of distributed business where
workshops become the creative place for
debate between designers and artisans.

Cristiano Quagliozzi and Milena Scardigno

A large canvas brings together the stories of the
passengers of an “Ark”, brought to life by the
creative inspiration of Cristiano and Milena.

Immagini dal Sud del Mondo

The AUCS Onlus festival is a cinematographic
journey: the world can be seen and
interpreted from different angles.

Manuela Marazzi

Stories told in images about women from
developing countries. A project for the FAO,
between illustration and design.

Maurizio Vellucci

His Studio Wow Architettura was awarded the 2015 Premio NIB being included in the Italian Top 10 Under 35s Architects.


From a chance meeting between historians and artists to the idea of a base in Monte Sacro. The multi-purpose talent centre is open.