Simone Perinelli

Born in 1981, this actor-director studied at the Academy of International Theatre, and is the founder of the company Leviedelfool.


A project by SET Architects studio, that Lorenzo Catena founded together with two companions from his architecture faculty.


A theatrical costume designer and illustrator, tells the story of the female world with drawings that can be worn.

Nano Egidio

From children's theatre to web-novella. The company has won, among other prizes, the exhibition Exploring Space.

Valerio Malorni

Actor, author and theater director Valerio believes that doing theater is "making a relationship"

Gabriele Galli

A young director, actor and screenwriter who won the Progetto Zero 2014 notice

Michela Fasanella

Michela Fasanella: contemporary elegance, tailoring passion and attention to detail


A startup founded by three designers and programmers and two backers, who came first out of the more than 600 startups.

Carmelo Battaglia

Photographer, designer, illustrator as well as film maker, Carmelo operates in all the image fields.


From Latina to Silicon Valley, this international software company has attracted investments totalling $44 million.

Giorgio Ghiotti

Author of the short story collection Dio giocava a pallone (Nottetempo) and with a forthcoming volume of poetry for G.Perrone Editore.


Daniela Tieni, a 30-year-old illustrator whose clients has The New York Times, participating in international exhibitions.


In the Maori language, Tumahi means "project", the perfect name for a young, colourful, affordable brand of interior furnishing.


Five women and their love of the Theatre of the Absurd. The resident company at the Vascello Theatre in Rome since 2014.


The brand of the Santa Design workshop, whose many customers include Valentino, Lucky Red, Expo and Algida.

Lorenzo Micheli

From international multidisciplinary competition to new design strategy for the reclamation of the city and the local area.


A cultural association from Latina which promotes reading and books with its Bookcrossing Tour of Lazio.

InternoEnki theater

An independent theatre collective directed by Terry Paternoster, which is committed to social and active participation.

Francesca Rotolo

She takes art and culture into prisons in Rome and Cassino. Fairy tales in support of parenting.


A theatre company formed by two young actors who astound their audience with comedy and poetry.