Lazio Creativo

The portal of creativity


The Lazio Region has developed the Lazio Creativo programme to support creativity.

Creativity arises from "creating" and "growing." Creatives are those who make things (out of nothing). Those who think different and refuse to follow the commonly shared rules for doing things.

Creativity is an important heritage of Lazio, an identity trait.
The Lazio Region is already national leader in cultural and creative sectors. Cinema, audiovisual products, performing arts, publishing, fashion, design, technologies applied to cultural heritage are significant areas in economic and employment terms and with considerable potential for development. The cultural and creative industries alone represent 8% of the regional GDP compared with 6% of the national average.

The Lazio Creativo Programme was planned to gather into a single network talents, start-ups, places, events and opportunities for funding.

It is with this in mind that the Lazio Creativo Portal has been developed, it is a subsidiary virtual square. A meeting point for all those who have a story to tell, a project to share, a question to ask, a knowledge to offer. A showcase where creatives can display their ideas, businesses, results.

The Lazio Creativo Programme includes many different actions. Among these, the Lazio Creativo Volume 2017 represents a first mapping of the creative side of Lazio. And it is only the first edition. The Fondo della Creatività (Fund for Creativity) is valid for a three-year period and finances the development of cultural and creative start-ups. Starting from ideas.