Cartografica Visceglia

Visceglia maps have been an essential tool for accomplishing town planning schemes and for studying urban projects.

MomentuM Glass

All MomentuM Glass products are handmade, made with the best Murano glass, carefully selected and processed with flair, passion and competence.

Stivaleria Mercurio

The Mercurio boot-store was founded in 1932 by the professionalism of its first founder, Martino Mercurio, highly specialized in the manufacture of boots.

Cristiana Perali

Any jewel that has not been created yet constitutes a challenge and a drive to explore new possibilities.

Pavia Restauro

All’interno degli Studi Patrizi, al 54 di Via Margutta, ha sede da oltre 70 anni quello che oggi è il più antico studio di restauro di Roma.

Falegnameria artistica

In Rome, a workshop for the creation of unique and customised masterpieces

Era Vetro

ERA VETRO è uno studio-laboratorio che opera nel vasto campo delle lavorazioni artistiche del vetro. Grazie all’esperienza di architetti, artigiani specializzati e restauratori esperti, qui si...


K.ariLò è un laboratorio artigianale che produce principalmente ceramiche, ma anche bomboniere e complementi d' arredo gestito da Arianna Lorenzon

Les Angelinas

Les Angelinas is a tailor shop that deals with the handcrafted production of leather bags and accessories


Erameccanica offers solutions to furnish private spaces or for public reception


To involve customers, practical courses are held on various art techniques for both children and adults with the collaboration of specialized personnel


The atelier is a laboratory of art creations and exhibition gallery shared in the form of Associaizone by six ceramists


a loyal clientele that appreciates the quality of the products and the originality of the packs

Fine Art Printed

Our printers are at the top of the printing requirements of Fine Art

Vetreria Scerrato

The Scerrato glassworks is a company with great expertise and tradition in the field of furniture and objects

Mario Salvatori

Mario Salvatori works in his workshop in Priverno and boasts several restoration works, such as large paintings from the 1600s

Gabrielli Gioielli

The jewelery company Gabrielli specializes in the processing and production of jewelery and fashion accessories with diamonds and precious stones


The straw is a smooth and filiform grass that grows on the hills of lower Lazio and for five generations the Artigianstrame laboratory carries on the family tradition, the ancient profession of the...

Bacchette magiche

The company specializes in the artisan production of chopsticks inspired by the world of Harry Potter

Wooden mosaic

This project aims at bringing students closer to the knowledge of wood and the art of mosaic