Cotton and Books

Giovanna was born with a great passion and her great passion "has made" her job: the art of sewing.

Falegnameria Antonacci

The Antonacci joinery: from a small shop to an international carpentry workshop, always with the same dedication

D’Angelo Jewelry

since 1992 a jewelry with timeless craftsmanship

Il Mercato di Testaccio

100 banchi, 100 storie, 1000 prodotti: scopri il mercato di Testaccio, un posto che è molto più di un semplice mercato

Creazione Orafa

Maurizio Imperia wants to pay homage to women with modern, high quality and strictly Made in Italy items

Romana Telai

The artisan workshop where the looms are used by the great painters of past and present

Onorio Laboratorio Deco

Da Onorio Laboratorio Deco vale la pena entrare e farsi consigliare per trovare soluzioni creative e inaspettate per dare un tocco speciale alla propria casa.

Fausto Maria Franchi

A master goldsmith known throughout the world


Prussian blue is a dark blue pigment used in paints and a time in technical drawings.


It all started with Tito Petrocchi, founder of the company, who built, in his workshop, shoes for movie stars, masters of art and music, high fashion creators, entrepreneurs and aristocrats.

Pavia Restauro

The Pavia artisans have been working in the heart of Rome since 1892, merging the experience handed down through four generations of restorers with cutting-edge technical and scientific skills.

Era Vetro

Over the years ERA VETRO has specialized in the restoration of ancient stained glass windows located in historic buildings, churches and important public buildings.

La civetta vanitosa

The Civetta Vanitosa is a creative workshop that deals with the production and sale of handmade fashion accessories and, therefore, extraordinary unique pieces.

Cartografica Visceglia

Visceglia maps have been an essential tool for accomplishing town planning schemes and for studying urban projects.

MomentuM Glass

All MomentuM Glass products are handmade, made with the best Murano glass, carefully selected and processed with flair, passion and competence.

Stivaleria Mercurio

The Mercurio boot-store was founded in 1932 by the professionalism of its first founder, Martino Mercurio, highly specialized in the manufacture of boots.

Cristiana Perali

Any jewel that has not been created yet constitutes a challenge and a drive to explore new possibilities.

Falegnameria artistica

In Rome, a workshop for the creation of unique and customised masterpieces

Les Angelinas

Les Angelinas is a tailor shop that deals with the handcrafted production of leather bags and accessories


To involve customers, practical courses are held on various art techniques for both children and adults with the collaboration of specialized personnel