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Artisan tradition and advanced industrial techniques, craftsmanship and technology are the combination that for centuries characterizes and enhances the Italian glass tradition. The glass (or crystal) of Merano is considered one of the most precious and appreciated glass in the world.

The high value of its quality lies in the purity of the raw materials used, in the use of bleaches, in the preparation of the vitrifiable mixture and in the conduct of the fusion. The main features of Murano crystal are lightness and long processing times compared to glass.

MomentuM Glass creates exclusive and unique Murano glass products, following the techniques of Murano glassmakers. Each object created is a unique piece.

All MomentuM Glass products are handmade, made with the best Murano glass, carefully selected and processed with flair, passion and competence.

Every single product is carefully checked before being displayed for sale. The products, made entirely by hand, confirm the careful choice in guaranteeing quality in defense of Made in Italy.

The working process gives life to unique specimens, different for shapes, shades and colors. MomentuM Glass's mission is to keep traditions alive ....

The staff organizes glass working courses in Murano in Lume. This type of processing is carried out using as a semi-finished product a colored glass rod softened with the fire by a torch. It allows you to create objects in any shape you want.

After receiving information on equipment and safety, students will be introduced to the modeling technique. Aim of the course is the realization of first elementary objects, first performed by hand then with the use of pliers using rods of different colors and sizes.