Cultural Game Jam
Sermoneta | Cultural Game Jam

The Sermonetana Culture project has launched a GAME JAM to develop a video game on the theme of culture and traditions of the municipality of Sermoneta (LT), called "SERMONETA CULTURAL GAME CONTEST".

The event will gather developers, graphic designers and designers to develop a cultural videogame for the promotion of Sermoneta.
The SERMONETA CULTURAL GAME JAM project has among its main objectives to promote and support the production of videogames which, distributed through avant-garde broadcasting and communication channels such as the internet, social networks and smartphones, can spread CULTURAL values ​​and traditions to an audience world of users, with new languages ​​and, at the same time, increase the sense of belonging of the young participants in their own territory.

The event will involve the protagonists of the regional project, the citizenship and the administration of the Municipality. The event will be organized by the E-Ludo Lab Association of Syracuse, active in the creation of Italy and Europe game jam, the association Y.e.s. Europe and the Sermonetana Culture business network.

The event will be organized by the network of businesses '' Cultura Sermonetana '', financed by the Lazio region, by the association Y.E.S. Europe, which conceived the project and is in charge of its realization, by the E-Ludo Lab association of Syracuse and the Municipality of Sermoneta. Sermoneta Cultural Game Jam will be an instrument of active participation that will contaminate professionals of the video-game industry with a community to free creativity and co-create.

Participants will have to structure themselves into teams of at least 3 people up to a maximum of 5 people to encourage maximum contamination between different professionals. At the end of the event, which will last 3 days, the works will be evaluated by a special jury composed of the organizers, the Municipality of Sermoneta, the companies of the network and citizenship. The best team will win a prize of 2000 euros.

'' Sermoneta Cultural Game Jam '' will be an opportunity to experience how cultural gamification can be a driving force for tourism and commercial development of the territories, an experience that will involve all territorial actors in an innovative way thanks to the virtuous use of European funds by part of the Lazio Region