Roma Fumettara

Roma Fumettara
Roma Fumettara
25 years on display
Roma Fumettara
Roma Fumettara | 25 years on display

The Roman School of Comics, born in the now distant 1993 and founded by a group of authors, screenwriters and Roman designers from the most diverse experiences, has played, over the years, an important role, both in the field of training and in that of cultural promotion and editorial production.

Over time, to the initial group, have been added many former students established in the field of comics, animation of cinema and video games. Then they became teachers and, in some cases, members of the SRF. We have mixed generations, styles and professions, we have created important projects: from "The Great Greek Myths to Comics by Luciano De Crescenzo" published Mondadori / De Agostini, to the series in cartoons "Ulysses my name is Nobody" produced from RAI2 and winner of the Kineo / Diamanti award at the Venice Film Festival in 2012.

From this experience, perhaps unique, in the Italian publishing scene, comes the exhibition that is proposed at Palazzo delle Esposizioni and wants to be more than just a celebration. First of all for the theme: Rome. The city that, in its historic center, a stone's throw from Piazza del Popolo, not only houses the school that has only one place because the uniqueness of its way of being is unique, but it has mainly produced the cultural and influenced humus the path, with its great beauty and its many contradictions.

Rome, more than ever Capital, which attracts students and teachers from all over Italy, in the name of comics and who find in the SRF their common home. Rome, seen through the gaze now in love, now ironic, now melancholic and sometimes irreverent, of artists who express themselves through comics, illustration or even the cinematographic storyboard. All in a miscellany of styles that reflect the different souls of the SRF.

And then the works of authors will be exhibited, all strictly professors or former students of the School who, for the occasion, will give their personal vision of the eternal city.

As Massimo Rotundo, Tex designer, Stefano Caselli, Marvel designer, Marco Gervasio with his "PaperTotti", Eugenio Sicomoro, who collaborates with major French publishers, Arianna Rea, author for Disney America, Simone Gabrielli, designer of Glénat and of Bonelli, Maurizio Di Vincenzo, designer of Dylan Dog, Lorenzo "LRNZ" Ceccotti, author for Bao Publishing, Riccardo Federici, designer for DC Comics, Carlo Labieni and Marco Valerio Gallo, storyboard artist, Claudio Bruni, animation director and Greg , Lillo and Max Paiella, actors from the past by "comics" and teachers of the SRF, just to name a few.

Every work, every author, in short, will be the piece of that mosaic that represents the storytelling of a dream, a journey, a city.