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Roma Capitale, through the Europe Direct Roma Capitale Center, intends to involve Roman school students in awareness raising activities on European policies. The aim is to stimulate reflection and sharing of the idea of ​​Europe, to critically and proactively analyze the past, the present and the future of the Union.
The importance of being European citizens, students are invited to draw inspiration for a collective narrative of the hopes, goals and choices that should inspire the European Union in the future, seen through the eyes of the under 20s.

The main objective is to develop a choral narration on the idea of ​​Europe that young people imagine for their future, indicating on the one hand the issues that the Union of the future should deal with and on the other hand what collaborations and shares have been made up to date. from European integration, for example experiences of solidarity, hospitality, sustainable growth.

The students are then called to answer these questions: if we were to start it today, how should the European Union be designed to respond to the expectations of young Europeans? What can young citizens of the Union do to strengthen their ties and become more and more a true European generation? What do young people want from Europe and what can Europe do for its young people?

All second-level schools in Rome can participate in the call for applications. The works may consist of artistic, literary or multimedia products within the following categories, artistic works (vignettes, pamphlets, comics, works, paintings, photographs); literary works (articles of max 3 folders, poems, max 3 compositions); multimedia video processing (max 5 minutes).

The following prizes will be awarded to the institutions classified in the first three positions in the ranking:

1st place: 1,500 euros
2nd place: 1,000 euros
3rd place: 500 euros.
The award ceremony will take place on Capitol Hill. The submitted works can be published on the Rome Capital website and used for the realization of exhibitions and other initiatives.

Deadlines and methods of participation
The documents, together with the data and materials indicated in the Announcement, must be sent by 10 December 2018 to the PEC address: In the case of hand delivery of the work, this can take place at the offices of the Department of Development and European Funding, in Via della Panetteria 18, during office hours.
For any information you can write to the email address

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