Muri Sicuri

Muri Sicuri
Muri Sicuri
We paint a wall to cure 100
Muri Sicuri
Muri Sicuri | We paint a wall to cure 100

"Safe walls" are back, two days to discover the Street Art in Torpignattara and raise funds especially for Matelica, hit by the earthquake.

It is the initiative of a hundred guides in Rome that Saturday 3 and Sunday 4 February 2018 will accompany visitors, young and old, to explore the works of street art in the multi-ethnic district that for some years has become a splendid open-air museum. The walls painted live this year will be two, in Via Policastro 32/34, as well as the artists: Diav├╣ and Solo.

The participants will be able to watch live the creation of the two works that will be realized thanks to a hundred professional guides who have decided to finance them, certain that beauty and solidarity can coexist and turn gray into art and citizens into superstars and superheroes.

The visits, lasting one hour, will be free to offer. The proceeds will be allocated directly to the current account of the Municipality of Matelica.

Since 2010 the Roman artist Diav├╣ is the curator of the M.U.Ro. Urban Museum of Rome that has been designed with the aim of stimulating visual culture and redevelopment, through numerous artistic interventions of great brands and young promises of Urban Art, abandoned areas in the V and VII Municipio of Rome.

In 2015 the Roman artist Solo organized the "international festival of poetry and street art" in his neighborhood of origin, the Trullo, in Rome. A lucky project that finds its realization with the help of other artistic realities that blossomed among those streets, such as the "Poeti der Trullo" and the "Anonymous Painters".