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Mostre diffuse
Mostre diffuse
photography 2019
Mostre diffuse
Mostre diffuse | photography 2019

The historic center of Magliano Sabina comes back to life thanks to "Mostre Diffuse Fotografia 2019". From 11 to 19 May the city will come alive, in fact, with a rich calendar of events made up of talks, concerts, excursions, photographic exhibitions and many other important initiatives that boast the participation of photographers, professionals and enthusiasts, invited to bring their "particular view of the world that changes through stories of water and landscapes".

"Mostre Diffuse Fotografia 2019", which has reached its fifth edition this year, is an event that aims to bring together the culture of the image and the re-evaluation of the landscape and artistic beauties of the small villages. The initiative is conceived and organized by Bycam Photography of Teresa Mancini and Riccardo Cattani, with the support of the Department of Culture of the Municipality of Magliano Sabina and the patronage of the Regional Council of Lazio, the Province of Rieti and the Chamber of Commerce of Rieti also collaborates with ecostello Magliano Sabina, Mirabilis Teatro Societas, ProLoco Magliano Sabina, Association of Recreation Center for the Elderly, Cantina dei Colli Sabini, Il Ventaglio, PostCart, Photo Video Mecarini, IgersRieti, European Development Consulting Srl.

For the 2019 edition the chosen theme "focuses on the research and understanding of the changes but also of the recovery of the values ​​that the element of water, as a life factor, brings with it both in the natural aspects and in the cultural and economic ones", he explains the organizer Teresa Mancini.

The added value of Mostre Diffuse Photography is to give new life to the abandoned premises of the historical center of Magliano Sabina: “Also for this fifth edition, as happened in previous years, - explains Teresa Mancini - theater of exhibitions and initiatives will be the abandoned premises of the Center History of the city and beyond. From this year, in fact, we have decided to involve also the ancient and wonderful village of Foglia (inserted in the most beautiful villages in Italy), where temporary photo galleries will be set up, thus encouraging the spread of the culture of the image as a moment of aggregation and comparison through a format, that of Mostre Diffuse, which is proving to be of considerable interest to the public in view of the numerous widespread photography initiatives that are springing up around Italy ”.

COLLATERAL INITIATIVES - In addition to the photographic exhibitions, "Mostre Diffuse Fotografia 2019" has included numerous side events including:

meetings with the world of publishing and photography with the participation of Andrea Attardi • Postcart • Carlo Panza • Monkeyphoto • Fugazine • Nostalghia Press • Funzilla Fest • Enrico Prada • Cristiano Morbidelli • Roberto Pileri • Tullio Bernabei; talk on "Sense of Community and Creativity" with the experience of the Festival of the Moon and the Badlands by Salvatore di Vilio and with the participation of the village of Foglia and Fianello; the Contest on Instagram #storiediacquaedipaesaggi open to all in collaboration with IgersRieti and FotoVideoMecarini.

Collateral events, in collaboration with other Associations, such as: Stories of water in music, recital by the pianist Alessandro Simoni [Sabina Musica Festival]: music, photography and words with the projection of videos by Michele Di Donato, Salvatore Di Vilio and Roberto Molinari and the reciting voice of Marco Marciani.

And again: • "A river of antiquity", walk along the Tiber in the places and landscapes of the Civic Museum of Magliano, with Lucio Graziano.

And finally the good local cuisine to make your stay in Magliano Sabina more enjoyable, also with the Sociale dei Fotografi lunch (with reservation) at the Association of Recreation Center for Elders which will follow the inauguration of Mostre Diffuse Photography 2019.