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Libri Come
book and reading festival
Libri Come
Libri Come | book and reading festival

The tenth edition of Libri Come starts on March 14th 2019, the Book and Reading Festival which, until March 17th, will bring together with the books, authors, publishers, readers, actors and political journalists in the auditorium of the Parco della Musica Auditorium. This year the Festival will celebrate an important birthday: the 10 years since its birth in 2010. An important milestone for the event produced by the Musica per Roma Foundation and curated by Marino Sinibaldi, Michele De Mieri and Rosa Polacco who has been passionate and involved with its themes, insights, literary novelties and great protagonists of literature, over 325 thousand people and over 1000 writers.

The theme chosen for this edition is complex, always current, political and poetic: Freedom. A word full of meanings and hopes, a disputed word, redefined, sometimes equivocal, surely always modern and worth investigating. A theme that crosses the individual national boundaries and in recent months mainly affects Europe, bringing to Rome the debate on current events, two months before the European elections in May and ten days from the crucial date for Brexit.

Books As it has been one of the most important events of the Roman and national cultural season for ten years and in these editions it has collected over 325 thousand presences. The spirit of Books How it is its character of celebration for the city where the authors and the protagonists of the cultural and artistic panorama meet and confront each other with the reading public trying to break down the boundaries between who the books makes them and who reads them, placing the Book object in the center.

The basic idea is that there is a book for everyone, that any aspect of our daily life, from culture to economy, from science to technology, you go through a book, because in books there is the world.

This important birthday, the 10 years, will be celebrated in the final evening with a closing event, Libertà is looking for, with projections, reflections and live music by PropagandaOrkestra, but above all with the participation, among others, of Roberto Burioni, Francesca Mannocchi , Riccardo Noury, Antonio Rezza.