Latina Comics Contest

Latina Comics Contest
Latina Comics Contest
comic stories
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Latina Comics Contest
Latina Comics Contest | comic stories

The competition encouraging the inclusion of new talent in the Italian publishing scene has been launched

The Rotary Club Latina, in collaboration with TunuéLab, organizes the Latina Comics Contest, a competition for comic story projects. To join the competition, it is necessary to present comic works regardless of type (single volume, miniseries, series), narrative genre, target audience and techniques used (black and white, color). The projects and works must be unpublished, including the narrative universe and the characters, unless they are layers of original reinterpretations of narrative universes taken from existing works, provided that the copyright relating to economic use has expired. The selection will be judged and approved by a special commission, which will select a short list of 5 projects, from which the final winner will then be chosen. The finalist projects will be exhibited in a dedicated exhibition. The winners will have a year to complete their project.

The Rotary Club of Latina, together with Tunué, bears the printing costs of the book containing the finished work, to be published within 12 months after delivery. A regular publishing contract will be prepared for the winners of the Contest, and a section of the register will also be dedicated to the projects mentioned. The winners will receive a contribution for the construction of the 2,500 euro project.

The project must be presented by its author or its authors, it is also possible to participate with several separate projects, by filling in the appropriate online form. Each project must include the elements, the materials, including ten consecutive tables with lettering, of which at least six are graphically complete and the documentation required in the notice. The project must be submitted in two versions, paper and electronic. The electronic version must be sent through the same form used for registration. The projects in paper format must be sent, by post or express courier, to the address TunuéLab Via Giovanni Cena, 4 - 04100 Latina. The dispatch and dispatch must always take place no later than March 15, 2019.

For further information, call for applications and online form please visit