IED Factory 2019

IED Factory 2019
IED Factory 2019
IED Factory 2019
IED Factory 2019 | imponderabilia

On June 2, 1977, a man and a woman caught the attention of visitors to the Municipal Gallery of Modern Art in Bologna. Marina Abramović and Ulay gave life to a performance that has gone down in history, which by placing the artist and the spectator in a direct and provocative comparison, pushed the latter to think about his own limits, his own reactions, his own emotions.

In homage to that famous work entitled Imponderabilia, the European Institute of Design proposes an open education experience of extraordinary artistic and human significance. The goal of IED Factory 2019 is in fact to violate the known boundaries, even physical, of vocational training: through 14 transversal project experiences in which design meets art, inviting participants and spectators to question the individual customs.

"The designer of tomorrow must face rapidly changing markets, for this reason he must know how to dispose of profound professionalism and an agile attitude to the continuous redefinition of himself - says Laura Negrini, Director of IED Rome. Interdisciplinarity and art are the right keys to this strength ". Two factors that will therefore form the basis of the workshops that will involve students from the Design, Fashion, Visual Arts and Communication schools, who will work closely with internationally renowned artists.

From the Canadian artist Myriam Laplante, who reflects on the concept of disinformation, to the performer and photographer Giuseppe Palmisano, with a laboratory in which the body becomes a tool to understand the space and train to see beyond, up to the blind designer Lucilla D'Antilio who guide the participants on a journey in the dark with their own creativity.

IED Factory 2019 will start on Monday 25 February at 3 pm at the MACRO Asylum, with the public presentation of the 14 curators: Loredana Antonelli, Barbara Capponi (Babas), Lucilla D'Antilio, La Macchina Studio, Myriam Laplante, Matteo Nasini, Francesco Pacifico, Giuseppe Palmisano , Pax Paloscia, Hanoch Piven, Daniele Puppi, Davide Rapp, Giuseppe Stampone, Valentina Vannicola. This will be followed by the workshops, distributed in the various spaces of the museum, which will continue during the week at the three IED Rome offices (Via Alcamo 11, Via Casilina 51, Via Giovanni Branca 122) and the MACRO Asilo (Via Nizza 138) .