Corto Corto Mon Amour

Corto Corto Mon Amour
Corto Corto Mon Amour
telling reality from new points of view
Corto Corto Mon Amour
Corto Corto Mon Amour | telling reality from new points of view

From that far it has become an important and awaited cultural event: a point of reference for all film lovers. Today the competition boasts numerous participations of national and international artists, the event has, in fact, slowly surpassed the national borders and has reached the interest and participation of foreign directors who have taken the name of the competition around the world.

Among the aims of the initiative, besides offering an opportunity to exchange ideas on unusual and original themes, is to stimulate and give space to the most original and innovative artistic forms, enhancing forms of communication that have little space in conventional circuits. .

The competition is held each year at Cine Alba di Cinisi, and is organized by the Sicilia In Produzione Cultural Association. Cinisi is the Sicilian country where Peppino Impastato was born an Italian journalist and activist, a member of Democrazia Proletaria and known for his denunciations against the Cosa Nostra activities brutally murdered by the Mafia on May 9, 1978.

Rewarding originality, enhancing cinematic art and giving voice to new forms of communication have always been the cornerstones of the festival.

Entitled and unpublished films or videos of any kind (short, fiction, documentary, animation, experimentation, videoclip, etc.) of a maximum duration of 15 minutes are admitted to the competition. The theme is free.

A qualified jury will be appointed to award the following prizes: prize for the best short film; prize for the best creative idea; "The boys are not watching" prize for the best short film made in the school or association.