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Art City
Art City
the Roman summer continues...
Art City
Art City | the Roman summer continues...

ArtCity is an organic project of cultural initiatives. Born in museums and museums, it brings together over a hundred and fifty initiatives of art, architecture, literature, music, theater, dance and audiovisual under a common umbrella. The project is implemented by the Polo Museale of Lazio, the institute of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism, which manages forty-six museums and places of culture in Rome and Lazio.

The idea is to create opportunities to visit through tailor-made activities, able to exploit the attitude to live new experiences that people generally reveal especially in the summer: this, of course, keeping the protection and the decor of the places, the scientific rigor and artistic quality.

The project certainly aims to spread the knowledge of the places of art of Lazio to citizens and tourists. The real goal, however, is to let you come back, triggering a process of loyalty that transforms the Museum into an engine of cultural growth and social cohesion.

The Museum, as you've never seen it, opens its doors day and night to 'secret' routes in some of the most famous monuments of Rome and Lazio: the Passetto, the prisons, the stew of Clement VII and the Olearie of Urbano VIII to Castel Sant'Angelo, the rally, the attics and the Belvedere of Palazzo Venezia, the undergrounds of the Vittoriano or the Sanctuary of Fortuna Primigenia in Palestrina.

Art and architecture are protagonists in international exhibitions, such as Weapons and Power in Renaissance Europe, set up in the double seat of Palazzo Venezia and Castel Sant'Angelo, and Eternal City. Rome in the collections of the Royal Institute of Brtish Architects at the Vittoriano, as well as in the two series of dialogues with great architects and architectural photographers.

The Children and ArtCity is a project dedicated to children that offers an innovative way to experience the cultural heritage through the meeting with the scenic arts: the shows - based precisely on the comparison between museum and theater, will take place throughout Lazio, from the Palazzo Farnese di Caprarola at the Greek Abbey of San Nilo in Grottaferrata up to Villa Lante in Bagnaia.

Performing arts - music, ancient and contemporary, theater and dance dominate the exhibitions The garden found at Palazzo Venezia, Sere d'Arte at Castel Sant'Angelo, Music at the Vittoriano by Ernesto Assante and again In music, On stage and Light Fortuna in all forty-six places of art of the Polo Museale of Lazio, under the banner of quality and experimentation.