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ANGinRadio | INradio, together

The digital radio was born, 320 thousand euros banned by the National Agency for Youth, to finance local digital radio, composed exclusively of under 30, one for each region, Ang In Radio  (where IN represents a multiplicity of meanings: the story of the 'Agenzia INradio, INsieme, Inclusione), which intends to promote the direct involvement of children in all the issues addressed to them; the radio will in fact be the megaphone of the initiatives of the National Agency for Youth linked to youth policies, but it is also a tool to inform and listen to young people, often protagonists of radio broadcasts along with experts from the world of politics, culture, information, work and society.

To encourage widespread information and a concrete and direct involvement of all young people, the National Agency for Young People, following the birth of the Radio, has published the call for tenders for the financing of projects that foresee the birth of digital radios aimed at young people with the goal of promoting active participation, inclusion, innovation and creativity, through the use of new technologies. The notice is aimed at non-profit associations active in the sectors of inclusion and youth participation for at least 1 year. The admitted projects will be a description of the Agency that will evaluate the proposals above all based on their ability to network with other local realities and the ability to reach young people in order to guarantee maximum capillaryisation of information at a local level and thus favor the ever increasing involvement of young people, especially with fewer opportunities. Therefore, the following aspects will be taken into consideration: the number of young people under 30 involved in the editorial team of the radio (speakers, sound engineers, journalists, etc.): minimum 10 young people per project; the methods of involvement of youth organizations in the area; the description of the location where the activity will take place: if it will be at the headquarters of the association; at a school; if it will be a traveling radio, or something else; the description of the follow up; the description of the specific local territorial context of reference, highlighting whether these are places at risk of social exclusion and the specific reasons for the project to be implemented; the realization of moments of aggregation of the youth of the neighborhood; the implementation, following the training that will take place at the Agency, of specific training events / laboratories on digital radio, so as to promote moments of participation.

The innovative and creative nature of the proposal, its originality, the use of innovative technologies and / or methodologies, and the ability to intercept the greatest number of young people as well as the ability to effectively tell the activities of the National Agency will be evaluated. for the Youth and the contents of the Erasmus + and ESC programs The projects will presumably start from 15 July 2019: the initial date of eligibility of the expenses will be the date of signature of the contract. Activities must be completed by November 15, 2019.

Taking into account the available budget and the need, by the NA, to finance the largest possible number of projects, the total amount of the contribution granted to each project proposal cannot be less than € 5,000 and higher than € 16,000. The contribution will correspond to 100% of the budget of the project proposal.

How to participate, the application form, accompanied by the necessary documentation must be sent to the Agency by registered mail, ordinary mail, courier or by hand delivery at the headquarters of the National Youth Agency, Via Sabotino, 4 - 00195 Rome by 13.00 on 13 May 2019 (deadline extended).

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