"Along the roads"

"Along the roads"
tam tam literary art competition
"Along the roads" | tam tam literary art competition

The Tree of Pencils publisher together with the libraries of Rome, announces a literary art competition aimed at pupils of the schools of Rome and the province that fall into one of the following categories: A. Class I - II primary school (for the only section R Art2 of regulation) B. Class III - IV primary school C. Class V primary school - I secondary school 1st grade D. II - III secondary school 1st grade The initiative, within a wider path of promotion to reading and to the creative arts, the aim is to contribute to bringing young people closer to writing and illustration as expressive tools that can be used in a creative process and personal growth.

Participation is free of charge, each participant can present himself with only one text or artistic work. The competition is divided into two sections: a. Section L literary works. It foresees the realization of an unpublished story (in the preferred genre: historical, fantastic, humorous ...) of the length of no more than 10,000 characters (spaces included). The theme is free but oriented by the track, which must appear in the text (it can be inserted anywhere in the text, at the competitor's choice): "along the roads" The proposed track is not a title but intends to offer an input that allows ample possibility of expression. b. Section R artistic works. It involves the creation of a new work through drawing, painting or photography. The work must lead back to the track "along the roads".

Each paper must be accompanied by a participation form (attached to this call).

The literary documents can be sent in digital version, PDF or WORD format, to the e-mail address or in the original to the promoting libraries; the artistic works can be heard in digital JPG format, PDF to the e-mail address

or in original format to the promoting libraries. In the appendix you will find the addresses of the promoting libraries. terms for sending, students must participate in submitting their papers, together with the entry form (compulsory, under penalty of exclusion from the competition) WITHIN AND NOT LATER March 20, 2019.

The names of the winners will be communicated to the family and to the contact teacher by e-mail and / or by telephone. The results of the selection will also be published on the website by 10 April 2019. PRIZES and awards: One winner per category will be awarded; the prizes are a basket of books for the student and a meeting / workshop for the student's class.

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