Fonderia Brasini

Today Brasini means seriousness and quality, perfection and tradition


Mentelocale è uno spazio creativo in cui è possibile vedere e sviluppare un progetto tessile tutto italiano

Promix Art

Promix Art was born thanks to the idea of ​​transforming advertising into a real art.

Creazione Orafa

Maurizio Imperia wants to pay homage to women with modern, high quality and strictly Made in Italy items

Polvere di tempo

Adrian welcomes us in his shop by giving us the illusion of possessing time, while admiring the thin dust that slowly comes down and we forget about a bit of daily frenzy.

Cantiere Galli

The space is a meeting point for companies, industry professionals, design enthusiasts and has a specialized library and a stock of material.

Bottega Mortet

The story of the Mortet family began in the mid-1800s and is as legendary as the palace that has hosted them in Rome for more than fifty years.

Classical lutes

The luthier Tatiana Scalercio mainly deals with the construction, reparation, restoration and tuning of string, pinch and pick instruments.

Arte Vetrina Roma

The internal Factory realizes custom Mannequins in a path that goes from Design to finished product

Selleria Bartolozzi

In the center of Tolfa the Bartolozzi family manages a workshop for leather processing


The method of the business is exquisitely handcrafted and jewellery is made by using the classic and modern techniques of goldsmithing.

NINE for kids

NINE for kids dedicated to children of all ages and aims at creating an alternative idea to the aesthetics of the prevailing common consumer items for children.


Caleidos is a studio that creates artistic stained glass windows and creative workshops.

Art De Lux

It is when abnegation turns into satisfaction that you find the push to move on and continue to create.

artists' installations

In the capital there is a shop where experimentation meets ancient pictorial and sculptural tradition.

Le Filatrici

After years of rising through the ranks in local tailors, Le Filatrici proudly present the dream of a lifetime, a real artisan tailor’s shop that, in addition to repairs and modifications of...

IBMS Design

Bending, welding, and calendering for the making of tables, chairs, cabinets, counters, shelves and any other object.

Le Bambole

Thanks to professionalism and meticulousness Eliana Valente creates objects from scratch, by making pretty unique items, useful to manufacture original and 100% handmade gifts

Set It Lab

The showroom is located in Rome, where you can find every single item useful to the preparation of a well-made set

For the finest hands

In Rome, the success of gloves Merola: small and stylish leather accessories.