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ZOO | Illustration contest

The Ludicomix Committee and the Collective Le Vanvere give way to the illustration competition within the Ludicomix festival 2017, to be held on 22-23 April 2017 in Empoli. The contest is aimed at creating an illustration exhibition, whose theme is related to the word "ZOO-definition". The object of this competition is the free interpretation of this word, that you want to interpret the letter or that he wants to give a broader view, linked to the world in which we live, in which each of us lives a continuous exposure public.

To participate in the competition there are two categories, one called KM ZERO ILLUSTRATORS for candidates born or resident in Tuscany, while for applicants of other Italian or international regions the category is LONG CHAIN.

At the end of the competition, there is a selection of 30 works:

15 illustrators and artists from Tuscany that will make up the exhibition "Illustrators km 0"

15 illustrators and artists from other regions of Italy and international that will make up the exhibition "Filieralunga".

The contest is open to all illustrators and Italians and international artists, regardless of age and technique. For membership, participants must submit jobs, to the email address specifying "SELECTION ILLUSTRATORS ZOO EXHIBITION 2017"), renaming the files as follows: NAME LAST NAME TITLE OF ARTWORK.

All Participants, with the accession to the competition, give their consent to the use of images that Ludicomix Committee shall print and use for the publication of a catalog of the exhibition that will be given, or in exceptional cases sold on special occasions for finance activities related to the exhibition.

How to participate

Participation is free but you need to subscribe to "The Vanvere"

Regulation and sign up form: