digging ditches - feeding crocodiles
ZEROCALCARE | digging ditches - feeding crocodiles

Always linked to the underground scene, spokesman of the '90s generation, grown up between precarious and web, between the G8 of Genoa and the TV series, Michele Rech, in art Zerocalcare is the protagonist of a large exhibition produced in co-production with Minimondi Eventi.

The project, organized around four thematic groups - Pop, Tribe, Lotte and Resistances, Non-Reportage - traces all the years of his work among posters, a wide selection of illustrations, record covers, original tables of his nine books, t-shirts, logos and a site specific work designed by the artist for the occasion.

On the occasion of the Christmas festivities, the MAXXI will undergo changes regarding the opening hours to the public. In addition, the MAXXI library will be closed from Saturday 22 December 2018 to Monday 7 January 2019.

Monday, December 24 CLOSED
Tuesday 25 December CLOSED
from Wednesday 26 to Friday 28 December 11.00-19.00
Saturday 29 December 11.00-22.00
Sunday, December 30th 11.00-19.00
Monday, December 31 EXTRAORDINARY OPENING 11.00-17.00
Tuesday 1 January 11.00-19.00
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Saturday 5 January 11.00-22.00
Sunday 6 January 11.00 - 19.00