Filters, lens and soft boxes: all the items for the perfect picture is born thanks to a long experience in photography and professional print. The website is a virtual store specialized in high quality items and brands: filters, soft boxes, lens, optical benches, flash units and software, ink jet papers and canvas, illuminators, led, incandescence, fluorescence, hmi, light panels, soft boxes of every type and size; without ever neglecting items useful for a perfect open air shooting: photoscope, stools, windproof panels.

There are also items to set up exclusive photography studios with all type backdrops: washable, vinyl, paper, fabric, translucent, ripstop, collapsible, more than 20 plain and spotted colors, with loop for backdrop stand. We cannot underestimate the importance of photographic filters: Skylight, Hoya HD, Hoya Fusion or Pro-1, ND and UV filters, of protection, polarizing, focus or in several colors, for lens protection.

We have to mention the importance of Fine Art print, but also of the high automated precision adapters, since they connect digital cameras and lens to every manufacturer, several scenic systems and video optional. In the website you’ll find a lot of promotion goods and also the opportunity to sign up a newsletter concerning news, advise to better use of tools and discount items.