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A new notice from the Lazio Region has been announced to develop the venture capital offer in Lazio for investmentsof startups and SMEs located or intending to locate in the Lazio region. All The aim is to stimulate a partnership between the public and private sectors in venture capital investments in startups and innovative SMEs in Lazio.

Participants can attend from 12 noon on 18 September 2018 at 12 noon on 13 April 2023. The Small and Medium-sized Enterprises already established and the Promoters (natural or legal persons) of SMEs may be proposed to be set up after the resolution of the Investment Committee and before the actual co-investment; who have not made their first commercial sale for more than 7 years or require investments in equity and / or quasi-equity for amounts above their average turnover in the last 5 financial years.

The venture capital fund of the Lazio Region represents a best practice recognized at the community level, has already achieved 36 investments in 33 companies for about 20.4 million euro, mobilizing about 10 million euro of additional investment from private co-investors. In total more than 30 million euros were invested, with an average cut per company equal to about 920,000 euros, of which 620,000, about two thirds, invested by the POR I.3 Fund.

Financing features;

Provision of the 20 million euro fund (ROP ERDF Lazio 2014 - 2020)
Eligible sectors: All (subject to limited specific exclusions)
Budget: € 20 million
Initial co-investment per company: minimum 350,000 euros and maximum 2 million euros (sum of INNOVA Venture's share and the obligatory one of the co-investors)
Presentation of co-investment proposals: from 12.00 pm on 18 September 2018 to 12.00 pm on 13 April 2023
Maximum expected investment time: 5 years
Proposals must be submitted by 12 noon on 18 September 2018 exclusively by PEC, after having filled in the specific form through the GeCoWEB platform, accessible starting from 11 September 2018 subject to the accreditation of applicants.

The proposals will be processed by Lazio Innova and the valuation and related investment, management and disinvestment decisions will be made by an independent Investment Committee with consolidated experience in venture capital investments, which will select investments based on financial returns. expected and according to commercial logics

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