Photo by Antonio Barrella

The night time of a city thousands of years old is lit up with lights that seem to come from the future. An enchanted child says to his mother: «It’s like being on a spaceship».

Making citizens and customers of all ages dream is one of the greatest desires (come true) for Valerio Ciampicacigli and Michele Cinque, respectively a designer and a graduate of philosophy who, in 2015, joined their visions to place them at the service of what has always been their city, Rome.

This is how Ro-map started, the Roma Light Interactive Festival: «As Romans and lovers of the place we live in, we felt urged on by the need to see the urban fabric transformed by digital art. The idea for the festival came from trips we made for pleasure and business in Europe and the world. This is how we realised that Rome, with its amazing architecture, did not yet have a light festival».

Without renouncing the simplicity of the best ideas, Ro-map fills the city with monumental digital installations and uses widespread communication in augmented reality.

In an extraordinary context like Rome, it is inevitable that a true short circuit is created between past and future, art, history and technology.

The first edition was held in 2015 and involved 4 intense days of events in Circus Maximus and Piazza Navona, dealt with a lot of effort and the sole funding of Estate Romana.

Large-scale attendance by the public and the unanimous success made Valerio and Michele raise the bar, presenting the next edition with an even more ambitious project.

This provides for 4 artists of international renown to act in 4 locations, with a view to further extending the boundaries of an intensive luminous path that has attracted more than 70,000 people.

The story has been written by Ginevra Lamberti, writer.