Art infects Acquapendente
URBAN VISION FESTIVAL | Art infects Acquapendente

"Urban Vision Festival is our and your never, never, never land”

Put together a lot of street artists from all over the world, live music, virtual mapping installations, color splashes and art brush strokes, a medieval village all to discover and here's the Urban Vision Festival, a real invasion of artistic and creative energy. Born thanks to an initiative of Riccardo Crisanti and Daniele Antonaroli to give a new face to Acquapendente, a municipality of Tuscia with nearly 5,000 inhabitants, Urban Vision explodes with its lights, by transforming the historic center in a two-day dynamic stage: the alleyways, courtyards and generally solitary views reacquire life through the colors of the several exhibitions, installations and exhibitions.

During the two day-event, this year, on July from 7th  to 8th July, the Urban Vision Festival - organized by Dark Camera - will try to create a form of perceptual dialogue that forces visitors to confront with different realities, art forms, ideas, opinions and provocations. The intent is to trigger an irrational process in the observer, by pushing him to the search for artistic multi-personalities, exposed in the most striking corners of the country. The festival has many young people involved, that by engaging themselves in the creation of the event with enthusiasm, creativity, new ideas, wanting to improve and broaden their cultural horizons.

The cloister of the Bishop's Palace will be enriched by video projection, while the City Museum and Algortimo Festival, in collaboration with L'Ape Regina cooperative, will organize spectacular extraordinary evening openings of the Bishop's Palace and the San Francesco gallery. Starring in "Street art: paintings on the wall" are Fintan Magee, Manolo Mesa and Kadmeia. The "live painting" from 21.00 to 24.00 will host the stars Urto, Rame 13, Florinda Zanetti, Ringo Tatoo art. Installations curated by Kairos, Progeas Family, Andrea Noviello, Miles, Domenico Greco, Polilab Cinetappo-Alicenova.  

"After two editions - says Riccardo Crisanti, the  festival organizer and Councilor for youth politics - today 'Urban Vision' has become one of the most important regional events, recognized among the region's top 100 projects in the 2017 edition of Lazio Creativo".