Photo by Antonio Barrella

Two young architects, their ideas, their projects and that necessary ubris for making the spark of revolution light up: «We were drinking a good glass of wine, intending to find the decisive idea. We were thinking that we liked to image Italian design entering everyone’s home».

This is the light that gave birth to Uppity, a magical project that transforms even a mass-produced chest of drawers from shopping malls around the world into a unique item.

Personalised feet and handles, coloured paint, new materials: a multitude of details come from imagination, or rather from customisation applied to standardisation.

«Uppity is a project that has the respect of excellence accessible to everyone as its starting point».

Sitting on the shoulders of the distribution giants of mass production furniture, Uppity wants to provide added value to standard products, giving the individuality of the creative process to every commissioned project, and this is «not just artisan’s creativity, but also, and especially, the expression of the client’s personality».

Having laid the project bases, this is the moment when the good glass of wine was nearly at its last drop, the dice were thrown and the birth of the company is about to happen.

«Big brands, young designers, capable artisans and individual clients, thanks to intermediation by Uppity, become the participants in a huge cultural conversation that encourage everyone to make their homes more attractive, personal and authentic, at a limited cost».

The customer becomes the main character and cooperate to design the item that will then embellish their home.

The story has been written by Ginevra Lamberti, writer.