Jumping into the painting

Jumping into the painting
Jumping into the painting
In Petersburg you can get into a painting by Salvador Dali
Jumping into the painting
Jumping into the painting | In Petersburg you can get into a painting by Salvador Dali

Who has never wished to skip into the painting of the chimney sweep Bert together with Mary Poppins? It is impossible - you would think – as it can happen only in movies. But you are wrong, now it really can happen! In Salvador Dali Museum in St. Petersbourg in Florida, the dreamlike visions of Walt Disney and the iconic Spanish painter Salvador Dali melt together giving birth to an unprecedented project.

Dali and the magic of painting
It is called Dreams of Dali and thanks to Oculus Rift Headsets - a highly sophisticated device – you can have a 360-degree tour in the picture "Archaeological Reminiscence of Millet's Angelus", dated 1935. The device, positioned on the head, covers eyes and ears and allows visitors to move around the space inside the painting, listening and entering into contact with three-dimensional objects and subjects portrayed. Strolling into the painting, you can meet people and objects belonging to the iconography of Dali, including the famous telephone-lobster.

A friendship without borders
This work is possible thanks to the curators, critics and cutting-edge technicians, but most of all thanks to the friendship able to overcome the obstacle of time. Thanks to the love and esteem existing between Disney and Dali, the exhibition "Dali and Disney: Architects of the Imagination" was set up. The path, in addition to associating the most famous castle of the world of cinema to what Dali created for the Universal Exhibition of 1939, also includes the short film "Destino," which saw the two working together, and recently completed in the Disney studios before being "exhibited."

Travel with imagination
Even if the museum is not "around the corner", this is not a problem. If we can break down the barriers of time, then we can do it with the space. The painting can be visited via Google Cardboard, for those who have a smartphone, or if you have an iPhone with the YouTube app; or, for lovers of comfort, directly from the couch at home, surfing the internet. Because art is really for everyone.

Jumping into the painting