A very self-critical lens

A very self-critical lens
A very self-critical lens
Pier Paolo Polese vuole catturare i tanti volti e aspetti della vita, i suoi obiettivi sono la passione e la ricerca costante
Skater en Place du Palais Royale, Paris © 2014 Pier Paolo Polese
A very self-critical lens
A very self-critical lens

Pier Paolo Polese is a lawyer passionate about photography: he owes much to his father, a professional photographer. Pier Paolo wants to immediately specify that his father trained him, as he does not consider himself a self-taught photographer. His influence drew him to fashion and sport, black & white, portraits and street style. Pier Paolo attends constantly training courses for updating his professional skills, as he is convinced that the current popularity of photography has lowered the critical level of the public. With one more certainty: without any doubt digital photography has simplified our lives, images are even more enduring, but other was the artisan charm of the film.

When, how and why you started to become passionate about photography?

Always. Since I was a boy I imitated my father, photographer. The camera has been for me a constant presence, a familiar object, fascinating and mysterious at the same time. But only in the last five years I turned this hobby into a "job."

Who believed in you?

I believed in myself as well as some customers who have shown me their trust by asking for new jobs.

Do you have a dream?

Taking pictures that can still be current and popular in the next 50 years.

Are you working on a particular project?

Yes, I am working on a publication that will bind sport, fashion and social.

What has been your greatest satisfaction?

It is a difficult question. I am never completely satisfied, as I am very self-critical and I tend to perfect everything, never finding a definitive result. However, I admit that I am always pleased when I read the satisfaction in the eyes of those who hires me. It is undoubtedly the biggest prize.

What do you want to say with your photos?

I do not shoot pictures with the aim of telling something. What matters most to me is to provide a different point of view and to point out those things that otherwise might not be seen. It is the same feeling when I watch other people's photographs. It is the magic of being able to look at things through the eyes of others.

Is there any picture that represents you more than others?

Every picture I shoot to me is so full, total. The feeling of accomplishment is then replaced by the next shoot. It is an endless sequence of emotions, as it happens in life.

What does photography give you?

I am happy to be able to express my point of view, my view of things, something tangible that will remain engraved forever, indelibly. This is why I consider the art of photography a sort of craft as the making of an object, a product: it is like producing one thing, and doing it well.

Fregene © 2014 Pier Paolo Polese
Lavinia Claudia Foderaro Jewelry © 2014 Pier Paolo Polese
Laura e Silvia Squizzato © 2014 Pier Paolo Polese
Lo trovi qui: Via Ubaldino Peruzzi, 30 - 00139 Rome
Lo trovi qui: Via Ubaldino Peruzzi, 30 - 00139 Rome