A real Migrants World

A real Migrants World
A real Migrants World
A short film for migrants and interculture
A real Migrants World
A real Migrants World | A short film for migrants and interculture

No Borders - A world of migrants by Haider Rashid, with Elio Germano, is a short film about the oldest drama of the exile, of being migrants, to seek a new home when the real one is lost.
The short film has won the first edition of MigrArti prize at 73rd Venice International Film Festival, which gathered the 16 winners of the announcement of MiBACT productions, to promote film projects capable of contributing to the enhancement of the cultures of immigrant populations in Italy, with the aim of comparison, intercultural dialogue and integration.
A MigrArti project submitted by the Ministry in December 2015, with the need to facilitate as much as possible the knowledge of the cultures of "new Italians", to overcome fears, mistrust and prejudice and with the aim, in the long term, to seek and recognize those reality in Italy dealing with migrant populations, which are now an integral part of our territory.
Haider, Florentine director of Iraqi origin, is a second-generation Italian, the long-discussed one in our newscastsyou creating so much alarmism; Elio Germano, actor, social activist passion, is the narrator, able to empathize.
Filmed in the "Center Baobab" in Rome, repeatedly evicted by the police and the "No Borders" of Ventimiglia, the film uses virtual reality as a tool to immerse themselves in the lives of shelters and offer a different point of view from that of traditional media, through the cancellation of distances.
"My personal and professional path leads me to work with a look that tends to the vision of the future of an Italy where hospitality is part of a long-waited journey towards multiculture" says Rashid.
MigrArti deserves attention, as this groundbreaking documentary film.