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Tuscia Creativa
Tuscia Creativa
Innovate the territory
Tuscia Creativa
Tuscia Creativa | Innovate the territory

A strategic collaboration agreement, signed between the Medioera and Lazio Innova, on behalf of the Lazio Region, aimed at all the creators of the territory of Viterbo, bodies, committees, individuals and associations that have ideas to propose and want to seize the opportunity to be assisted by the Lazio Innova's Active Space, to develop its project and verify its business prospects.

With this call, we are looking for creative partners who are interested in developing collaborations and synergies, with the aim of helping to strengthen the innovation ecosystem in the Tuscia area. An initiative that aims to encourage the creation of new entrepreneurial projects and innovative startups in the cultural and creative sectors.

The main areas of application of the call are: cultural heritage, new technologies and web, architecture and design, automation and robotics, cinema and audiovisual, graphics, art and photography, publishing, illustration, comics, music and sound, theater, dance and performance live, fashion and fashion. The Tuscia Creativa tender is designed to bring partners from the creative sectors, individuals, freelancers, organizations or associations into the activity of the Viterbo Active Space, in order to create new business initiatives and especially in the cultural sphere.

Applications must be submitted using exclusively whose

The model can be downloaded from the website (annex 1), to be delivered by hand at the premises of the Spazio Attivo of Viterbo - Via Faul 20/22 or sent by e-mail to the e-mail address Within fifteen (15) days from the submission of the project, the applicants will be invited to an interview to deepen them to evaluate:

· The innovative potential;
· The ability to enhance the territory;
· The ability to build networks and potential interactions with the activities carried out by the other subjects of the ecosystem (startups, makers, talent, pre-incubated, creative, etc.). At the end of the evaluation process, the applicants will be invited to sign the Collaboration Agreement, whose Model can be downloaded from the website (attachment 2).