Tour tra i barber shop

Tour tra i barber shop
Tour tra i barber shop
between beauty salons and original clubs
Tour tra i barber shop
Tour tra i barber shop

Imported in Italy from the United States, barber shops have consolidated in recent years as premises dedicated to all those men, hipsters, artists and creatives but not only who care about themselves. Halfway between a beauty salon and an original and trendy club, the barber industry has ancient origins. Widespread and used in the past, barber shops gradually disappeared in the '60s because of the difficulty of the old barbers to adapt to market trends and fundamentally due to the difficulties involved in treating long hair.

Today's barber shops take up this ancient craft that, completely revisited in an original, vintage and creative way, gives life to a place of meeting and relaxation. The most trendy barber shops are a combination of the North American vintage barber shop and the unique atmosphere of the old Italian barberie. There's something for every taste: in some the cut and care of hair, beard and face is accompanied by cigars, jazz music, face and head massages, herbal teas and coffee, sale of products dedicated to men's aesthetics as well as specific products for beard and hair care. Let's go to the discovery of some of these modern places with an ancient flavor.


Care of the man from the consultation to the relaxation of the beard: this is the Barbificio. A barber chair built from a seat of a FIAT PUNTO, mainly crafted products reviewed on youtube, collaborations with artists and designers, a continuous comparison with the needs of man and for this in constant evolution; maybe one day you will call your babe with an app to find it under your house. The Barbificio is one of the main places where to enjoy a moment of relaxation in the name of personal care, in an authentic and original setting.


In the central Campo de 'Fiori for a quarter of a century magic of barber is created. Max & Jò Barber Shop is located in the central Via dei Cartari and conquers us at the first glance: we find ourselves catapulted in the 50s, in one of those characteristic barberies that we could only see in vintage films. The strong colors of the furniture blend with the velvety walls, while the warm light generated by typical lampshades welcomes customers on comfortable, deep red armchairs.
Talented, uncontrollable desire to create, creativity and bloodshed: these are the ingredients that suggest Max to open an activity at just 19 years, in the distant 1990s, which in 2014 was consolidated thanks to the meeting with Jò and given life to the famous barberie of Rome. In a short time the two barbers become the reference point for the boys of the Castelli Romani and of Rome, who like to take care of their look and their style in every detail.

Since then a lot of water has passed under the bridges, so much so that now Max & Jò Barber Shop has become the benchmark barber for those who escape the daily routine to go and seek refuge in a few hours of absolute well-being: here you relax, you chat friends, let us be pampered by treatments that accompany the man in another dimension, you let yourself be inebriated by the scent of authentic Italian barberia.
The protagonists of this attractive retro suggestion, in addition to Max and Jò, are Tony, Cris, Mirko and Pigi, who every day make available to gentlemen of every age their talent and their ability to analyze the situation of each hair and personality in order to create authentic works of art, made by the hands of industry experts who take care of their customers from beginning to end: from the beneficial treatment of the beard made with the warm cloth to the peculiarity of the hair tattoo, without neglecting the everlasting and renowned cosmetic products used for every type of beard and hair. The ingredients are only two: the barber and the scissors, which are not just a simple object but gentle ladies who are cleaned, arranged, pampered and prepared for the following cut every day.


Vona and Oni are among the hair stylists who, at a national and international level, are changing the way of doing this work. Emanuele Vona comes from a family tradition of Sicilian hairdressers and barbers, after Milan, he moved to London, where he discovered his passion for subcultures and Modernism. Oni's passion was born very soon, after attending the school for hairdressers, working in some salons in the center of Rome and began to attend the best schools. To date, the most famous Italian and international fashion photographers and fashion magazines collaborate with more. Always protagonists of fashion week, around the world for the greatest designers. In 2004 he opened Mod Salons, the first of a series of hair salons, in 2016 was born the Mod Academy, the last child of a winning association. Different experiences and suggestions flow into their halls. Places where the combination of high fashion and subcultures, in the age of contamination, draws inspiration from any form of art.


Among the most fashionable Barber Shop in the capital we can not fail to mention Dandies, the Bettarini Men's Style Club. This unique environment is characterized by refinement and continuous professionalism, training and updating both in Italy and abroad. Formed for over 20 years at the Academy of Sassoon in London and Winners of the Master Jam of the British capital, Renato and Roberto Bettarini combine experience, experimentation and deep knowledge of every aspect of hair styling.


L'Antica Barberia is a historic barberie shop of care and hairdresser for men in the heart of Rome in Via della Vite, a stone's throw from Piazza di Spagna. The story begins in 1957 with the opening of Bottega Peppino at the corner of via Mario de 'Fiori. The small living room furnished with four traditional armchairs, light walls and a red velvet separè, immediately becomes a reference point for lawyers, journalists, entrepreneurs, nobles, politicians and institutional personalities, such as princes and heads of state.
The master is Peppino Ricciardo Calderaro, Sicilian by birth, but Roman by adoption, known above all for his gentle, elegant and reserved ways. Peppino soon made use of the fundamental collaboration of Piero Migliacci, a master of Calabrian origin, so skilled even in the conversation that over the years urges customers to leave a memory or a written dedication to the Antica Barberia, tracks collected and published in the book Scissors and the comb.