Three-day International Festival of Street Art and Crafts
TOLFARTE | Three-day International Festival of Street Art and Crafts

Jugglers, musicians, actors, clowns, magicians, contortionists, singers, acrobats, artisans, painters and poets will enliven the three days of the XII edition of the International Festival of Street Art and Crafts Art.

From the initiative and passion of some youngsters between 18 and 35 years old, who met in the association “Comunità Giovanile di Tolfa” (Tolfa Youth Communit), TolfArte is an artistic-cultural initiative that combines the local craft tradition with new forms of contemporary and avant-garde arts. It is today a key event held during the first weekend of August.

The event is deeply linked to the territory. The town of Tolfa is the background and becomes a natural stage. The Festival is developed in the town, along a route of about 1500 meters going to enhance the beauty of the streets, squares, historic buildings; illuminating the inner courtyards of buildings and ancient workshops, open for the event. For three days, it's all a swarm of colors and sounds.

The program is full of events. It provides a stable section that includes painting and photography exhibitions. Wide space is given to craft booth: wood, leather, metal, stone, ceramics, wool, paper, wax, iron, glass, plastic, cloth. Matter modeled creates an incredible number of objects, traditional and original, but still unique.

There is a section including moving performances of music, theater, poetry, dance, circus arts throughout the festival path, on ad hoc stages or in the street, in courtyards, on the sides of the squares.

This year, for the first time, there is a section for toddlers called Tolfarte KIDS. Within the wide green and safe area of ​​the Municipal Garden, there will be one devoted entirely to the smallest space, designed as a veritable wonderland. The children can explore to discover performances, workshops of fun and also learning.

TolfArte is a completely free event for the public. The "Tolfa Youth Community" is self-financing through a fixed contribution requested from the stands and through crowdfunding campaigns.

Una panoramica di Tolfa