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Tivoli Chiama
Tivoli Chiama
the arts festival
Tivoli Chiama
Tivoli Chiama | the arts festival

After the great success of the previous editions, the fourth edition of "Tivoli Chiama!" Starts from 8 July to 4 August 2018! - The Festival of the Arts ", cultural review for the enhancement of the historical-artistic and landscape heritage through the live show, born in 2015 thanks to a call of Mibact to which the Municipality of Tivoli participated with a project that was positioned at the third place in the ranking.

The Festival is realized and financed by the Municipality of Tivoli, with the support of the SIAE and of Artists 7607 and in collaboration with the Mibact and with the Istituto Villa Adriana and Villa D'Este. The organization and executive production are entrusted to the A.T.C.L. Theatrical Association between the Municipalities of Lazio of which the Municipality of Tivoli is a partner and co-founder.

The proposed initiatives are inserted in spaces where landscape, tradition and art are unique, extraordinary and unrepeatable. Through theater and music, the spectators will be able to live an unforgettable experience in the evocative archaeological-historical sites of Villa D'Este, Santuario di Ercole Vincitore and Villa Adriana and in the Squares Rivarola and Garibaldi, continuing the path of fruitful collaboration between the Municipality of Tivoli and the MiBACT.

The billboard is full of events with big names in culture and entertainment. On 8 July the opening will be entrusted to the actor Elio Germano accompanied by the live music of Teho Teardo, in the splendid setting of Villa Adriana. The Festival will continue with the concert by Massimo Ranieri titled Mal├Ča Napoletana on July 13 at the Sanctuary of Ercole Vincitore; the artist will be accompanied by a line-up of Italian music such as Enrico Rava on trumpet and flugelhorn, Sebi Burgio on piano, Riccardo Fioravanti on double bass, Marco Guidolotti on saxophones and Stefano Bagnoli on drums.

Also at the Shrine of Hercules on July 20 will be staged the concert-show of Syria "Why not sing more" dedicated to Gabriella Ferri and August 1 "Tecno-Filo" of and with the actor Marco Paolini.

This year for the first time, on July 28th, a concert will be held in Piazza Rivarola, with the splendid setting of the Temple of Sibilla and Gregorian Bridge Enrico Capuano and the Tammurriata Rock performing in an unforgettable concert, with free admission. On July 31, special evening at Villa d'Este "Auguri Franca!" In honor of the godmother of the festival, the great actress-author Franca Valeri on the occasion of her birthday.

The closing of the Festival on August 4th will be entrusted to the concert by Demo Morselli and Marcello Cirillo accompanied by a Big Band to be held in Piazza Garibaldi, concluding the festival with a big party in the square.