Thor Concept Art

Thor Concept Art
Thor Concept Art
A very creative opportunity!
Thor Concept Art
Thor Concept Art | A very creative opportunity!

In view of the musical on the fantastic saga dedicated to the god Thor, the Thor Concept Art competition has been organized, which gives an interesting opportunity to young creatives from all over the world, as long as they are adults.

The theme of the contest is the realization of the best concept art of at least two of the characters Thor, Loki and Freya, or the best digital illustration of one of the landscapes of the nine worlds of the cosmos.

Each participant can develop one or both of the proposed themes, provided they are unpublished and created exclusively for the competition.

The works, which will be evaluated by an expert jury of graphic designers, illustrators and the Creative Team of the show, must be submitted by 20 February 2018 in digital format via Wetransfer.

The works will be judged on the basis of: originality and representative capacity; correspondence of the works to the objectives; ability to respond to what is indicated in the guidelines.

At stake, for the two winners, there is a work contract for the realization of the definitive Concept Art and the related digital illustrations to be used as scenographic elements for the Musical.

And, last but not least, they will join the project's Creative Team. Furthermore, their name will appear on the official poster of the international event.