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Summer Tales
Summer Tales
the man who walks
Summer Tales
Summer Tales | the man who walks

After a tour in several Italian and foreign cities, and an excellent reception by the public and critics, L'UOMO CHE CAMMINA is set up in Rome with an exceptional protagonist, the precious participation of many citizens and artists, and the unrepeatable atmospheres of the Capital.

A landscape performance lasting about four hours, a walking tour for 15 spectators at a time that unites the landmarks of classical antiquity, the palaces of politics, the popular neighborhoods, the areas on the edge, the secret and phantasmal gardens, no to the extremes of urban territory.

A dramaturgy of spaces populated by evanescent presences, a ballad made of subtle interventions on the real, a slim and open narrative structure, which aims to leave space, to observe the phenomena and the life of the city to be choreographed. A lost in the mythical and sublime iconography, popular and exuberant, meta-physical and ruthless of this city.

A man walks the city walking. It crosses a variety of spaces that follow one another in an uninterrupted sequence and recompose themselves in an almost otherworldly triptych. During this journey the fragment of a life unfolds: an afternoon of summer with a suspended course, the gura of a shadowy and elusive man, lowered in a game of narrative apparitions and misdirections. Through his journey the landscape opens up and reveals itself to the eyes of the public who follows him at a distance, as if to spy on him, poised between identification and detachment.

Starting from the graphic novel The man who walks by Jiro Taniguchi, DOM- builds a dramaturgy of spaces in which to explore the connection between the urban and the third landscape, between the center and the periphery: going deeper and deeper into the substance of the places, the experience living on the path becomes the pretext for a body to body with the real.

DOM- is an artistic project, born from the collaboration between Leonardo Delogu and Valerio Sirna, which investigates the relationship between body and landscape, and engages in the transmission of peculiar housing practices, in particular related to the body, space and time of creation artistic.

DOM- builds performative events, writings, seminars, walks, installations, videos, photographic reports, parties and gardens.