Going Up Monti of Rome

Going Up Monti of Rome
Going Up Monti of Rome
Discovering the Monti district, home of talents and ancient craftsman
The fountain of piazza Santa Maria ai Monti
Going Up Monti of Rome
Going Up Monti of Rome

Like the Middle Earth in the Lord of the Rings, Monti district is rich of restaurants, pubs, laboratories just in the heart of Rome, in the shadows of the big palaces and institutions, between Madonna dei Monti square , Panisperna street and Urbana street: it has become the meeting point for many roman identities and individualities, connected to the world of art. The ancient small shops are now modern design ateliers of graphic and designers, stylists and interior designers.

A home for design and ancient craftsmanship
Starting from Madonna dei Monti square and entering Serpenti street you will reach Boschetto street, crossing a huge number of shops and labs held by very young people and every week end from September to June at EX Grand Hotel Palatino, an artist market is held.

Art can be learnt sometimes
Here, you can event test your creativity. At POTS, in Selci street you can buy pots and you can learn the art of ceramic; for the music lovers ,the Saint Louis College of Music, holds classes of jazz music for beginners or advanced academic equal to a first level degree, in jazz, composition pop, or electronic music. In Giovanni Lanza street, you can visit the gallery Motel Salieri, directed by Fabio Quaranta since 2006, this place is a melting pot where to grow relationships, just like Rione Monti teaches!

The design shops are the pride of the district
Concerti e corsi professionali per gli amanti del Jazz
Every Saturday and Sunday, the unmissable Mercato Monti
At Pots you can find (and create) personal and unique pottery
An art gallery and a showroom