Street art in the center of Rome

Street art in the center of Rome
Street art in the center of Rome
Capital of street art
Artwork by Lucamaleonte
Street art in the center of Rome
Street art in the center of Rome

Change your point of view and find a new way to appreciate Rome and its historic center. In the Capital everything is possible because, as in any other city in the world, the magnificence of its monument blends everywhere with urban and contemporary art made by important local and international street artists. So for a moment forget about the Colosseum, Imperial Forums and Piazza Venezia and let's go looking for extraordinary works that make Rome a privileged place to admire street art.

We are in via dei Pettinari, in front of Piazza Trilussa. Here we find, on the facade of the Dorothy Circus Gallery, the murals of the artist Mr Klevra. Roman, class 1978, Mr Klevra stands out for his biblical and Byzantine inspiration used to create his art, between lettering and figuration. On this street the artist signs the work "SANCTA MARIA AD NIVES", the old name of the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore.
In the same place we find the work of Miss Van, also known as Vanessa Alice Bensimon. Born in 1973 in Toulouse, France, Miss Van is considered one of the most well-known artists in the urban scene, having started the movement of female street art. His feminine, sinuous and provocative characters conceal behind animal masks.

In piazza della Marina we find This connection of Diogo Machado, aka AddFuel, made under the Forgotten Project project. Forgotten is a project born in 2015 by the need to enhance the contemporary architectural heritage of the city of Rome through urban art and to focus attention on some types of buildings - considered to be of high qualitative potential - through targeted works, accompanied by a series of initiatives to encourage the active participation of citizens. The project sees the involvement of five Portuguese artists, much appreciated in recent years in Europe and the world, invited for the first time in Rome to create urban works, each with its own personal technique. Also for this work, inspired by the Portuguese ceramic "azulejos", AddFule is distinguished by the visual complexity of his creations that, with a careful look, reveal small and unexpected details.

On Via Nazionale we find the artwork by Borondo, a Spanish artist from Segovia. On a window of a former bank in front of the Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Borondo depicts three naked men, almost afraid with a look toward the viewr, from a scratched white paint with a scraper.

Even the Casa dell'Architettura, seat of the Architects' Order, had opened its doors to street art in 2012, inviting the most famous artists to custo, according to their style, some of the rooms of the building and thus creating -1 Art gallery, a new exhibition space dedicated to urban art. To inaugurate this project, the creation of the work of the Roman artist Lucamaleonte Cabinet of Natural History, an artwork of rare beauty, between stencils and engravings, telling nature with images of wolves, owls, insects and skeletons.
The second room is signed by Diamond with his Chinese Room where the classic China (that of demons and dragons) and the modern one of Giorgio Armani models live together. These oriental feminine beauties are alongside those that characterize much of the artist's production, from pin-ups to Bic of the Nineties, Fifties and Sixties to the most contemporary that Diamond disseminates in the city.
Sancta Sanctoroom is the third room presented by the -1 art gallery, made by Mr Klevra and Omino71, which reproduces the Jewish-Christian iconology of the Apocalypse and the Universal Judgment rewritten in a popular way.
Alice Pasquini, in Alice's art, creates Cave of Tales, the fourth artist's room, a prehistoric cave of the Third Millennium. The artist represented the night, imagining a submerged city in the sleeping quarters.
The fifth room, Hic sunt Leones, leads to the boundaries of the known world, made of "no-name" places, which ancient mapping indicated as the "land of the lions." Uncharted countries, inhabited by hybrids and fantastic beings, often fighting each other, that Nicola Alessandrini and Gio Pistone return with the eyewitness fidelity, drawing on the baggage of their uninterrupted inner journey.
Finally, the PRINCIPIA room of Giorgio Bartocci. "PRINCIPIA is an invented language - the artist explains - multiforme, multi-species, a dense network of complex living entities, all but the same, human beings and extra".

In the metro A of Piazza di Spagna there are so many street art works and everywhere you turn if you can admire one: on the walls, on the ceilings, on the tracks. Many have been realized within the Urban Legends project, the 999contemporary exhibition. French and Italian artists, including C215, Alexeon, Seth, Philippe Baudelocque, Lucamaleonte, Tellas, gathered to decorate the walls of Metro A Piazza di Spagna and an entire train.


Artwork by Mr Klevra
Artwork by Miss Van
Opera di AddFuel
Artwork by Borondo
Artwork by Lucamaleonte
Artwork by Diamond
Opera di Mr Klevra e Omino71
Artwork by Alicè
Artwork by Nicola Alessandrini and Gio Pistone
Artwork by Giorgio Bartocci
Artwork by C215
Artwork by Gaia
Artwork by Seth