Street Art in Rome

Street Art in Rome
Street Art in Rome
at the gabriella ferri centre
Street Art in Rome
Street Art in Rome | at the gabriella ferri centre

Born as an unauthorized form of art, street art has always characterized the walls and public spaces of the city, but for many years these expressive signs have greatly increased in number and importance, giving rise to something really new, even the media. This socio-cultural phenomenon has now gained, through its influences on the visual arts and on advertising, a unique relevance on the panorama of contemporary creativity.

Here is a new appointment with the exhibition "La Street Art in Rome", which, after the success of the Aldo Fabrizi Library, arrives at the Gabriella Ferri Center in Rome, in Via delle Cave di Pietralata, where it will be available free of charge until April 29th.

The exhibition on street art in Rome has been enriched with new and interesting content and we can admire the images taken by the best photographers of the sector: Andrea Mercanti, Bruno Bruni, Gabriele Ferramola, Leonida Pignatelli, Marco Lo Rocco, Maria Grazia ZappalĂ , Mimmo Frassineti, Rita Restifo, Silvia Brutti.

The exhibition will highlight the different vision of each photographer in capturing, in one shot, the different sensations and emotions that each of them manages to capture.

Each photographer will offer his interpretation of the works photographed and will bring to the public's knowledge the different types of art created on the street.

Many other events are linked to the exhibition, which will make it even more engaging in the various exhibition days, until April 29, 2018. On April 19, the book "Chasing the street art beyond the magic door", by Bruno Bruni, will be presented. On April 23rd the presentation of the book "What the walls say" is planned, that is a reasoned guide to the street art of the capital of Carla Cucchiarelli.