Space Invader

Space Invader
Space Invader
hunt for aliens in the capital
Space Invader
Space Invader

Have you ever wondered what's behind those drawings on walls in the shape of the 80s aliens, so typical of arcade games of those years? You know there's even a world map of these aliens?
They have been made by Invader, a French street artist pasting characters inspired by the arcade game Space Invaders 1978 with colorful tiles. Starting in 1988 from Paris, Invader has earned his reputation by placing his works in more than 60 cities around the world. Lots of "affected" city, not only European ones such as London, Rome, Berlin, Barcelona as well as New York, Los Angeles and Tokyo.

Even Rome is literally overrun. On our path let's follow the traces left by the artist in different districts of the capital, where there are 69 original works. Others, unfortunately, are no longer visible because over time have been removed.

Coppedé Area
We start from the north, from the Town Hall II. We are in the Coppedè and Space invader stands near a porch in Via Dora.

Rione Ponte and Parione
Let's move to the center of Rome and reach the Spanish Steps. Here we find another work, and a little farther on, in the city center, in via Tomacelli one more on the wall of a grocery store. Even in Piazza di Spagna, just near the entrance of the underground we find one almost hidden in white color placed next to the words the Spanish Steps, while Campo dei Fiori is visible to near the Farnese cinema.

Rione Monti
Reaching Via della Pilotta we find one small but highly visible artwork on the overpass at the beginning of the road. If we move to Piazza Cavour we find three an invader nearby: Via Urbana, near the fountain in Piazza della Madonna dei Monti and one on Via Cavour on a yellow background and with their finger to indicate it.

Rione Esquilino
In the Esquilino area to Via del Pigneto there are 7 works: one in Via dei Sabelli, Piazza dell'Immacolata, one in Porta Maggiore and four along Via del Pigneto, including the red one with the wake that moves to the right.

Vatican and Trastevere
Invader has "hit" even the Vatican. Here it stands in its own Way of the Vatican. In Trastevere, however, we find one corner of Via della Lungaretta and Piazza Tavani Arquati, one on Via Arco di San Callisto and one on Via della Lungaretta, right next to the road plate.