Selci and urban art

Selci and urban art
Selci and urban art
an extraordinary journey among world-renowned artists
Artwork by Fio de Silva
Selci and urban art
Selci and urban art

There are projects that can change prospects, transform places and give them a new identity. There are projects that exude the passion and commitment of the people who work for us. Like PUBBLICA, the residence of art carved by Carlo Vignapiano and Elena Nicolini in the town of Selci, in the province of Rieti, in the heart of Sabina, which has fewer than 1,000 inhabitants.
PUBBLICA is identified as public and in its use as a primary good to be protected and protected, but at the same time living and enjoying it and doing it by bringing on the walls of the city 10 monumental interventions d 'urban art recognized by Mibact. An experience that, given its success, will soon have its own replica in the city of Civita Castellana, called to host the new performers who from all over the world will come to share personal skills and artistic discoveries with residents and tourists.
But let's go back to Selci and discover this fantastic journey into the urban art of our territory, a real open-air museum where every structure becomes a symbol of beauty and sharing.
The project begins in 2015 with the arrival of Argentine Fio de Silva and his dreamlike nature-inspired narratives with the two monumental works where the skills worthy of the best artwork are blended with the harmonious pictorial gestures of the young artist. His first work is at Fonteleorga, at Selci's kindergarten, the second one is accessible from Via Roma, the main street of the city and, more precisely, in the city's amphitheater.

The second artist is Diego Ritmo who has made a 46-meter-long work on Via Collevico. In the work, the urban attitudes of the artist confronted a different conscience of the non-metropolitan environment, defining it as a possible meeting place.

The third intervention is at the hands of Luis Gomez, who, in his excellent research of Renaissance art, solves a blind facade on the country's main street with "Tired-Eyed Woman", a fundamental example of how the strength and dynamics of urban action can follow the processes and disciplines of the most intimate art carvings. His work is visible in via Roma 36.

Emmeu is the author of the fourth murals that, facing the piazza of the village, in via Roma 13b, is imposed with a spark of red. Obviously Op-Art, his intervention narrows down and suggests other areas of action where the architecture of art sets varying boundaries with that of spaces.

Imposing, on the other hand, the commitment of SOLO which thanks to its 18 meters high sanctions the encounter between art and the common man. Precious hug that in a rigorous Pop equation, from the themes of quality cartoon, invokes the whole community with a clear message: "In war the people never win." We are in via Roma 4 and right in front we find the work of Diamond.

Another search for Diamond from the main square rises splendidly in the sinuous lines of Art Nouveau style that the artist leaves to live with the decisive lettering that represents him since the early works. "The Diamond'S Sibilla" is a refined work that, using two shades, transforms the many floors of the tallest building in the country into a symbol of beauty and harmony.

Mirco Marcacci, in via degli Orti, interprets the surface of the small home as a giant canvas on which to express itself through its contemporary code. An elegant and sophisticated work that from the rich chaos of the great brushstrokes of the master manifests itself as a feminine symbol that looks and is left to look until natural light is lost.

David Petroni has decided to give a new and strong identity to the outer wall of the cemetery of Selci, through a semi-abstract pictorial research, a difficult but fruitful comparison where the hermetic figuration of the artist and the eternal values ​​of the place they meet in sophisticated tonal and alchemical variations of light.

In the Municipal Parking Area, accessible from Via Roma, near the Amphitheater, the artists involved made a combo linking their works on the facade of an electric cabin. Another piece of street art not to be missed!

Artwork by Fio de Silva
Artwork by Diego Ritmo
Artwork by Luis Gomez
Artwork by Emmeu
Opera di Solo
Artwork by Diamond
Artwork by Mirco Marcacci
Artwork by David Petroni
Artwork by Combo