Run for Art

Run for Art
Run for Art
Sports, women and an exhibition to celebrate them
Run for Art
Run for Art | Sports, women and an exhibition to celebrate them

Telling about women and sport in the 5 continents. This is the theme of this edition of the Run for Art photo contest.

Open to enthusiasts and professionals between 18 and 35 years of age, it is promoted, conceived and curated by the Giulio Onesti Foundation, a non-profit organization set up with the aim of remembering and passing on to the new generations the work of Giulio Onesti, a figure symbol of Italian sport.
This focuses on the union between art and sport, focusing on women and sports in your continent. The idea is to interpret through a shot the meaning that sport assumes for women at various latitudes, focusing on the value of the inclusion of genres and how this changes in the five continents.

The works can be developed in any context. even outside the sports fields, but must highlight the athletic gesture or the social function of women's sport on their continent.

Who can participate
The contest is aimed at amateur photographers and professionals, students and fans between the ages of 18 and 35, citizens of the world.

Press and show
The works will be evaluated by a jury of excellence that ideally represents the sectors involved, from the world of photography to sport, from institutions to the media. 8 shots will be chosen for each continent; these will enter the final phase and will be exhibited at various institutional sites and in museums that will join the initiative. The photos of the finalists will be published in the exhibition catalog. Each of the finalists will also be given a parchment of recognition and the exhibition catalog.

Deadlines and methods of participation
Participation is completely free- The deadline is set for January 31st