RomeCup 2017

RomeCup 2017
RomeCup 2017
spotlight on the great event dedicated to robotics
RomeCup 2017
RomeCup 2017 | spotlight on the great event dedicated to robotics

Back excellence of robotics in Rome with the new edition of the Rome Cup, the event promoted by Fondazione Mondo Digitale and dedicated to innovation and experimentation in the robotic field opening on March 15 in the Faculty of Engineering of Università degli Studi di Roma "Tor Vergata".

The main attraction are the RomeCup robotics competitions, involving teams of students from all over Italy. This year 142 teams from schools in 16 Italian regions and two European countries will take part in the competitions and will be selected to participate in the world of robotics in Japan (RoboCup 2017). Maybe A "battle" in RomeCup are mini robots and robot programmed to independently meet a series of time trials that follow, in part, those of RoboCup. Several tournaments are scheduled: from football matches in the soccer robot paths for rescuers and explorers robots obstacles to the dance competitions with robots programmed to dance to the music and perform choreography.

The undisputed stars of the eleventh edition of RomeCup are cobot, collaborative robots, which help to study, work alongside men, replacing them in the most repetitive tasks, support in hospital care and assistance at home. Working alongside intelligent robots makes applications faster and flexible digitized activities and free time and space for creative thinking and the search for innovative solutions.

In the exhibition area, alongside more than 50 prototypes of research centers, start-ups, spin-off companies and, even more than 80 robots designed in the laboratories of schools, which are training young people for the new challenges of the digital economy, exploring new jobs.

Besides the robot competitions, the RomeCup offers the opportunity to attend workshops and training sessions with universities, research centers and companies robotics students and teachers. For the first time RomeCup will host the category RoboCup @ Home contest between domestic robots that can recognize, grasp objects and map the external environment, and a live performance with a special device that allows you to "play the Air" .

The final stages of the competition and the award ceremony will be held on the last day, on March 17, at the Capitol in Rome, in the Protomoteca room. In the Town Hall of Rome it is also held performances by Nao, one of the protagonists of the event, the humanoid robot that can grasp objects, move, dance, exploring a room and even interact with people.