Roma Fringe Festival

Roma Fringe Festival
Roma Fringe Festival
the independent theater
Photo credit by Manuela Giusto
Roma Fringe Festival
Roma Fringe Festival | the independent theater

Here is the new edition of the Rome Fringe Festival, the VII, completely renovated. There are many new features introduced starting this year. The first, the one that immediately jumps to the eye, is the date, 7-28 January, that is to say in the middle of winter.

This challenge represents a way to focus attention on the theater and on the proposal of a new dramaturgy which is the essence of the fringe, freeing this event from a summer location that risked absorbing it in the more general and rich summer entertainment proposal of the Capital. The theater first of all and, in particular, the independent theater.

And independent is a key word of this edition because starting from this concept the organizers have created, thanks to the adhesion of 14 theaters throughout Italy, starting from the prestigious Teatro Vascello in Rome, a circuit called, precisely, the Zona Indipendente. A network of 14 theaters that will host in the 2019/2020 season the winning show of the Rome Fringe Festival 2019.

This, along with the opportunity to participate in one of the world's fringe, is a prize, which beyond recognition or titles (which are still prestigious and important) is actually a serious opportunity for the artist or the winning company to make know your work.

From this year, the location changes too. The Rome Fringe Festival moves to the premises of La Pelanda, in the Mattatoio complex, in the heart of the Testaccio district, which, with its turmoil and vitality, lends itself well to hosting a festival like the Fringe.

For the final, then, appointment, at the Teatro Vascello, a historical theater of the capital. Alongside the performances of the companies and individual artists, there will also be a series of events, both within La Pelanda and the Macro Asylum, which will offer the public an even wider cultural offer.


I take this opportunity to thank those who, in recent years, have worked to build a festival that, slowly, has won the attention of the public and professionals to become a solid reality in the Italian theater scene. In particular I thank Davide Ambrogi who, six years ago, had the intuition to bring the Fringe, known and attended all over the world, to Italy. I collect his witness with pride and with the certainty of being able to give my contribution to continue to make it grow in vitality and prestige.
The artistic director Fabio Galadini