The Region introduces PROSPEX

The Region introduces PROSPEX
The Region introduces PROSPEX
Call for the promotion of SME export
The Region introduces PROSPEX
The Region introduces PROSPEX | Call for the promotion of SME export

The PROSPEX call, funded by the POR FESR 2014-2020, has been published, with which the Region intends to favor the internationalization of SMEs by enabling them to purchase, with a 50% drop in profits, qualified services offered by selected specialist operators and Placed in a special regional catalog of Export Promotion Structured Projects, with pre-defined services and tariffs (PROSPEX). PROSPEX, complex but easy-to-access projects for even less structured businesses, outline an overall strategy for territorial and / or sectoral promotion and is designed to promote regional production systems and related industries, in line with the Program of Action For the Internationalization 2016-17 and the Regional Smart Specialization Strategy (S3).

 PROSPEXs that have passed the selection process will be included in the Regional Catalog, in order of score obtained, up to the available resources for the specific window (Euro 2,000,000 for each window).

The presentation of PROSPEX may be submitted by the constituent members of the Italian Chamber of Commerce pursuant to art. 1, paragraph 2 of Law no. 580; Entities and bodies representing or wielding the widespread and collective interests of the business system, which are not lucrative and do not engage in activities in the free market; Service Providers for Internationalization Services.

The implementation process of PROSPEX is articulated in the following steps, cyclically repeated in relation to predefined time windows, for Phase A - Selection of Promoter and PROSPEX and creation of the Regional Catalog; Phase B - Adherence to PROSPEX by SMEs, which will be activated by the publication of a special Notice addressed to the Targeted Aid SMEs. 50% of the cost of PROSPEX billed by the Promoter will be recognized to SMEs, while the rest will be borne by the PMI; Phase C - Realizing the activities that make up the PROSPEX and contributing.

PROSPEX presentation by Promoters

1st window 14/2/2017 - 10/3/2017

2nd window 1/6/2017 - 30/6/2017

3rd window 28/9/2017 - 31/10/2017

Requests for membership by PMI

1st window Mag 2017 - Jun 2017

2nd window Set 2017 - Oct 2017

3rd Gen 2018 - Feb 2018 window

Project proposals must be submitted by sending the PEC Request Dossier at