ReDesign your future

ReDesign your future
ReDesign your future
The competition that brings designers to labs
ReDesign your future
ReDesign your future | The competition that brings designers to labs

After the success of the previous editions, Legno Lab announces the fourth competition "Redesign your future - Build your future" dedicated to those who want to test themselves and get their hands dirty by learning the techniques of artisanal production. The competition is inspired by our philosophy of doing and is designed for designers who are interested in approaching the world of self-production with a practical approach, ready to collaborate actively in the production phase and open to learning the methods and techniques of construction. With the competition we want to support the winning designers at all stages from the production of the prototype and the collaboration with the artisans, to the exhibition of the finished product in industry events up to the online marketing.

The fourth edition of the contest, Switch the wood ON, is dedicated to the design of a lamp. The project must provide the wood as the main material (but not exclusive) and must enhance the craftsmanship process.

Participation in the competition is free and open to all adults without the obligation of specific qualification.


Category 1: Under 26 (includes adults born after 1992)

Category 2: Over 26 (includes those born before 1992 inclusive)

Participation is expected both in single and group form (max two people).


Workshop lasting 7 days, inside the laboratory La Mala Spina, during which the winning designers will create the prototype (in 1: 1 scale) with the support of the artisans of Legno Lab, learning the methodologies and techniques necessary for the handicraft production ;
Publication of the winning projects in an article dedicated to the prototype process in the magazine Legno Lab.
Legno Lab is committed to continuing the promotion of winning projects through participation and exhibition of prototypes in design events and fairs.

There are prizes and special mentions.