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Re: Humanism
Re: Humanism
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Re: Humanism
Re: Humanism | contemporary art

At the start Re: Humanism, the first Italian award for artists from all over the world and dedicated to the complex relationship between contemporary art and artificial intelligence. The company Alan Advantage announces a competition for young professional artists working in the art sector.

Professional artists or students from universities and academies all over the world can participate in the competition. The competition aims to investigate the advent and diffusion of the technology of Artificial Intelligence in the world of contemporary art and in particular the fields, Natural Language, Machine Machine and Learning Robotics, participants are invited to present works related to the topic : "Art and artificial intelligence for a new humanism" - a proactive vision of the future that awaits us. Although the works do not necessarily imply the use of these technologies, they must reflect on their value and social impact.

The selected projects will be ten and evaluated by a jury composed of engineers AlanAdvantage and external experts of contemporary art and new digital technologies. The following prizes will be awarded to the first four projects: I place - € 5,000 in cash prize; II place - 3,000 euros cash prize; III place - a residency program - economic support of the economic value of 2,000 euros and the possibility of developing their project directly in the company and supported by a team of experts in the field of Artificial Intelligence technologies.

For the first 10 selected artists, will participate in an exclusive exhibition in Rome with a coverage of the cost of participation of € 500 for each artist, except for the winners of the first 3 prizes for which the reimbursement of expenses is included in the prize.

The artist selected for the residency award will be able to take advantage of the company spaces and a specialized technical support to create works using artificial intelligence algorithms. For the production, food and accommodation will receive a monthly reimbursement of 1000 euros (2 months of residence). For the presentation of the proposal and the subsequent realization of the works (in case of selection) the artists will be able to use the services and the spaces of the partners: Venice - Ca 'Foscari University, Rome - Lazio Innova.

Participation in the Re: Humanism competition is free and reserved for professional artists or students of universities and academies all over the world. The deadline for the presentation of the projects is 20 November 2018 at 12.00. By this date, candidates must send an email to with the materials required by the announcement.

Re: Humanism
Call for applications open from 27 September to 20 November 2018
The announcement can be consulted at the following link: